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100% Chiropractic

100% Chiropractic first opened its doors in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2004 with the simple idea to revolutionize the chiropractic profession. Could a chiropractic office become highly profitable while also moving the profession forward?

The Answer is YES! The word quickly spread and soon one successful office turned to two, two to four, four to ten to now well over a hundred!

Why 100% Chiropractic Franchise

Revolutionizing the profession isn't just a goal it's a drive, a passion, and a need. It's what motivates Dr. Jason and Dr. Vanessa, as well as the entire 100% INC. team every day. Here's how we are rewriting the rules on what a successful practice is.

  • A SPECIALIZED œDO-IT-ALL TEAM  Consisting of SEO specialists, web designers, corporate trainers, IT support, social media experts, life coaches, office designers, marketing, graphic design, supplement distributors, legal advisors, and accounting professionals help take the guesswork out of running your franchise.
  • TRAINING  Weekly, monthly, and quarterly training sessions required for doctors and staff. The 100% corporate team and online platform are always available for assistance to support your practice growth and launch you to success!
  • QUARTERLY œTRIBE MEETINGS This is where all doctors get together and present their numbers in front of their peers, inspire, team build, and stay 100% on fire! The CA's and therapists even join us annually for an incredible weekend of office team building and personal development that is sure to take your practice to the next level.
  • SYSTEMS THAT CREATE PROFITABLE PRACTICES  100% Systems have proven to create a higher collection per visit than competitors, allowing for higher profits, quicker returns, and happier doctors and staff through less burnout.
  • STUNNING OFFICE LAYOUTS  We provide five custom, high-end designer palettes (Farmhouse, City, Mountain, Sonoma, and Coastal) that are available for doctors to choose from. These layouts set the trend for the ultimate patient experience, and create energetic working environments for the staff, as well.
  • ON-SITE MASSAGE / STRETCH THERAPY BUSINESS 100% Relax provides incredible profitability and further enhances the patients customized experience and healing process allowing our offices to tap into the multi-billion dollar business of massage/stretch therapy.
  • EXTENSIVE NEW OFFICE TRAINING AND MONITORING  Our corporate trainers will not only help hire your staff but lead them through a thorough training program with both online, in-person and in office trainings. After your office is open, the corporate team monitors statistics closely to custom tailor your team's ongoing training needs.
  • A TIGHT, FAMILY-LIKE ENVIRONMENT Lifelong friends that are like family, imagine hundreds of like-minded colleagues and mentors that understand the unique challenges that you face while building your dream practice.
  • OUR OWN LINE OF NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS This enhances the patients healing process and optimizes profitability for our owners. Rest assured that 100% only puts their name behind the highest quality nutritional supplementation on the market.
  • CHIROHD ChiroHD is a one-of-a-kind Cloud-based software designed around the 100% practice with features such as ease of reporting at the touch of a button, statistics on your practice, concise and organized inventory, smartphone check-in, integrated online paperwork to optimize patient experience, and so much more!


Despite the global pandemic that crushed many businesses and franchises, 100% Chiropractic shattered growth records in both visits, franchisee profits, and franchises sold.

100% Chiropractic showed its strength and resiliency in the troubling time. Despite the fear in the world, 100% patients were well educated through its elite patient education systems. They realized the importance of safe and natural chiropractic care, continued to get adjusted, referred their loved ones, and helped 100% soar to new heights.

The average income for all 100% offices in 2021 was $901,066 (24% increase over 2020). The top quartile averaged $1,431,877 (24.3% increase over 2020) annually, with the top half of offices earning an average of $1,184,775 (21.8% increase over 2020).

The average 2021 profit for a 100% clinic was $279,099 with the top quartile profiting an average of $520,122 and the top half of the clinics profiting $416,397.


100% LAUNCH:  100% Chiropractic's startup costs and initial investment are competitive in the chiropractic franchise industry. With our locations superior profit margins over competitors, deciding to open a 100% franchise will ensure a quick return on your initial investment.

The initial investment ranges from $331,124 to $459,600, not including the franchise fee.

(Investor owner funded) Perfect for the chiropractor or non-chiropractor franchisee. The franchise fee is $50,000. Multi-unit discounts offered.

This model is perfect for the entrepreneur who is fully equipped with their own financial tools necessary to get started, but eager to have the blueprint for rapid success.

As 100% owner of your new practice, you receive all the benefits of our Hub practice (lease negotiation, design, training, hiring assistance, billing, paperwork, marketing, etc), the only difference is you save money bringing your own funds to the table. You simply show up with your initial investment, ability to secure a lease, and $50K franchise fee* and we help you œlaunch' your franchise to success.

This model is perfect for chiropractors as well as non-chiropractor franchisees (select states) that wish to build highly profitable practices.
*Multi-unit franchise discounts offered

With a rapidly expanding industry, proven systems to drive profit and processes that are easily implemented, there's never been a better time to look into a 100% Chiropractic franchise.

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