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101 Mobility

101 Mobility franchise is a one-stop-shop for mobility and accessibility solutions. We provide our customers with easy, hassle-free mobility solutions.  We opened our first location in 2008, and in just 10 years, we opened 80 franchise locations across the U.S. and Canada. We impact lives everyday having served more than 70,000 customers. If you have an interest in impacting lives in a very positive way, learn more about 101 Mobility. 

101 Mobility Franchise

Build A Business Helping Others

101 Mobility is one of the largest and fastest-growing providers of mobility and accessibility solutions.

Millions of veterans, seniors, and individuals with disabilities rely on our stairlifts, ramps, and other solutions to stay in their homes. As the leading mobility and accessibility solution provider, 101 Mobility franchise owners impact lives every day.

Who is 101 Mobility?

A trusted resource for accessibility solutions. We are a beacon of hope in a fragmented market.


101 Mobility franchises help seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals in their communities.

With unparalleled manufacturer relationships, a government VA contract, and a proven business model, we set you up for success.

  • 90% OF SENIORS plan to live in their homes for the next 10+ years*, and the number of seniors (65+) will double by 2030*.
  • DISABLED VETERANS and other individuals with physical disabilities and injuries are in need of our solutions.
  • OPTIONS ARE LIMITED for mobility and accessibility solutions across the US and Canada.
  • 101 MOBILITY HELPS by providing solutions to this underserved yet growing market.

*US Census Bureau


Open Market, Proven Systems, & High Demand Products
101 Mobility offers the opportunity to secure a future that is both professionally and personally rewarding. As one of the largest dealers of mobility solutions and with a sales force covering multiple states across the country, we are on the move and seeking motivated entrepreneurs who can help us reach our goals.

In exchange for your dedication to the 101 Mobility franchise program, you will receive access to our detailed business system, best-in-class mobility products, comprehensive training sessions, the latest in business technologies, and more to help you grow your franchise business.

  • Ability to grow past being a small business
  • Proprietary cloud-based operating system
  • High ROI
  • National contracts including a VA FSS Contract
  • Strong long-term growth curve for this industry
  • Exceptional in-house marketing support with all web interactions managed internally
  • Low number of employees
  • Large, exclusive territories
  • Best tier pricing from our product vendors
  • Branded and proprietary products
  • An existing market potential
  • œFeel good business
  • Additional recurring income stream from rental programs


There are countless benefits to becoming a 101 Mobility franchise owner, including a time-tested business with established standards and procedures in your own protected territory. Backed by an experienced management team, you can run your independent business with confidence. Best of all, you benefit from the professional support we provide, which includes:

  • Comprehensive, corporate-based training that covers critical business functions sales, marketing, installations, and a full set of online ongoing training tools.
  • Onsite startup assistance and periodic field visits from a corporate representative.
  • A copy of our confidential operation manual to help your operations run effectively and efficiently.
  • Established relationships with mobility equipment vendors, the VA, and core national accounts.
  • Guidance with ordering initial equipment and supplies as well as samples and demonstration units from manufacturers.
  • Assistance with in-territory marketing and public relation campaigns.
  • Presence on our highly visible website.
  • Access to our proprietary Mobilinkâ„¢ software which provides assistance with scheduling, customer management, quotes, inventory, and more.

The 101 Mobility business model is a strong, effective, and time-tested one that stands out in a fragmented industry.

Garol Orr of 101 Mobility N. Atlanta - Being Available

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