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Avendelle Assisted Living

The Business In 10 Seconds: 

  • We build or remodel average to high-end single-family homes into non-medical assisted living homes.  
  • Our homes range between 1700 to 5000 square fee and are located in average to high-end neighborhoods.  
  • Each Avendelle home becomes home to 6 to 12 seniors depending on state regulations.
  • Each resident pays an average range of $6500 to $15,000 a month (depending on your market and neighborhood).  That's $39K to $80K+ in revenues a month!
  • Established 2005

Avendelle Assisted Living

  Why Should You Own An Avendelle Assisted Living?

  • Build a Real estate portfolio WITHOUT all the risk and hassle:
    • 10X rental income:
      • why rent your single family home for $4000/month when you can generate $39,000 to $60,000 a month from 6 to 8 residents?
    • No AirBNB hassles:
      • No last minute booking nightmares or crazy AirBNB-ers destroying your home.  Our residents and their families love our homes, pay us on time, and are thankful for the care and love we provide them
  • Own the ENTIRE investment!
    • Own the Business, the Real Estate, the Equity, the Appreciation, and the Tax Shelter!
      • Isn’t it weird that entrepreneurs buy fast-food, retail, or fitness franchises, spend $1MM and 9-24 months of their lives building out their locations, only to not actually own the real estate?
      • Avendelle is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one package:
        • Own the business
        • Own the real estate
        • You get the property equity AND the appreciation
        • You get the depreciation and tax benefits of the real estate


Who’s the ideal Avendelle Franchise Partner?

  • Has the financial ability and/or credit profile to quality to purchase a single family home
  • Has a clean back ground with no criminal record
  • Enjoys networking and building relationships with local referral sources
  • Sales experience is not necessary.  However, the ideal candidate should have the ability to discuss, present, and close a high-ticket sale with confidence and compassion.  Families will gladly pay us $8,000 to $13,000 a month if they believe their loved one will be safe, happy, and cared for in our home.
  • Health care or medical background is not necessary - remember the care we provide at Avendelle is non-medical.  3rd party medical companies visit our residents and provide for their medical needs.

Avendelle Assisted Living

Here's the breakdown of Avendelle's initial investment (We'll award single units, but we're looking for entrepreneurs that want to open a minimum of 3 to 10+ units): 

Ownership Options

Number of Homes

Franchise Fee

Estimated Initial Investment Range (Including franchise fee)

Single Home

1 Home


$118K – 792K

Neighborhood Package

3 Homes

$96,000 (20% Discount)

$254K - $1.6MM

Regional Package

4 Homes

$120,000 (25% Discount)

$446,100 - $5,125,464 

Region Package

5 Homes

$140,000 (30% Discount)

$477K - $3.91MM

Operator or Conversion


$12,000 per Home

$20K - $126KVisa Candidates: Yes

Avendelle Assisted Living

Avendelle Assisted Living
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