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Bang Cookies

Bang Cookies
Business Opportunity

What is it?

  • The world's most innovative cookie franchise
  • A rapidly growing gourmet soft-baked cookie brand that has a scalable, easy-to-run business model, provides continuous training and support, and is looking for experienced multi-unit franchisees
  • A concept known for using all-natural, simple, high-quality ingredients
  • A community pillar that provides opportunities for fundraising via their custom tech stack, encouraging virtual and in-store sales and bolstering support for local schools, non-profits, and community initiatives

How does it make money?

  • In-store sales and local deliveries
  • Gifting and gift card options

Who is it for?

  • Multi-unit franchisees with a diverse portfolio of brands
  • Experienced food service franchisees with excellent management and operational skills

What would you do as a franchisee?

  • Manage the operations of multiple locations
  • Hire managers and staff to run each restaurant day-to-day
  • Ensure proper training and leadership is provided to staff
  • Engage in local community events and fundraising opportunities

Bang Cookies

About Us

Born from the belief that simplicity and natural ingredients yield the most indulgent treats, Bang Cookies was founded by former tech startup aficionado, George Kuan. Starting at a San Francisco farmer's market before relocating to Jersey City, NJ, they quickly became renowned for their organic, handcrafted cookies—a delicious homage to the quality flavors of homemade baking. With a focus on all-natural, organic ingredients and a gourmet experience, Bang Cookies has carved a unique niche in the dessert market.

Now, inviting like-minded entrepreneurs to join their franchise, Bang Cookies offers the opportunity to be part of a brand prioritizing quality, innovation, and operational efficiency. Our unique recipes are constantly changing and blend artisanal baking with a commitment to premium ingredients.

Bang Cookies

Why Franchise with Bang Cookies?

The Bang Cookies franchise presents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking scalability and operational simplicity.

Easy to Run Operations -  At Bang Cookies, we believe in keeping things simple. Our operation is streamlined, focusing on one thing and doing it really well - baking the best giant, soft-baked, organic cookies. With a concentrated menu, managing inventory is a breeze, and training staff is straightforward. In the world of food franchises, Bang Cookies offers an ease of operation that is a breath of fresh air.

Low Cost, High Returns - When it comes to profitability, Bang Cookies is a smart choice. Our business model is designed with low overhead costs in mind. Cookie production is not only fun but also cost-effective, yielding low food costs. With a small, efficient team, labor costs are kept at a minimum. This all adds up to high potential profit margins and an attractive return on investment.

Small Footprint, Big Impact - Bang Cookies do not need a sprawling space to make a big impact. Our stores are designed with a small footprint, which translates into lower rental costs and the ability to fit into a variety of retail environments. From busy city streets to shopping malls, our versatile concept can thrive anywhere cookies are craved.

Powered by a Strong Brand - Bang Cookies is more than a cookie shop - it's a brand that resonates. Our irreverent, playful, and bold marketing has built a strong brand identity that stands out in the market. As a franchisee, you'll benefit from our impressive brand marketing, gaining instant recognition and credibility. We also help with site selection assistance and offer continuous operational training. We've done the hard work of building the brand, so you can hit the ground running.

Bang Cookies
Bang Cookies
Bang Cookies

Our Ideal Candidate

We're looking for franchisees with experience operating multiple units in the food service industry. This background will equip you with the skills and understanding necessary to run a successful Bang Cookies franchise.

**So if you are an experienced business owner looking for a "sweet" opportunity in the food service industry, contact a representative today!

Bang Cookies Bakes 5,000 Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies A Week
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