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Bar-B-Clean Franchise

High Quality Barbecue Steam Cleaning & Repair Services

Bar-B-Clean is a BBQ Cleaning Company that offers residential and commercial customers a convenient, low cost grill cleaning solution. Bar-B-Clean has developed a unique steam cleaning system that ensures the best results possible for our customers. Bar-B-Clean's promise is that all of the grease and food particles will be removed and your barbecue will be left œcompletely clean to the touch inside and out.

Bar-B-Clean was founded in early 2011, from the beginning, it was clear that a strong demand for barbecue cleaning services existed in the United States yet no known regional or national system was servicing this huge market.

With tireless effort, development of a thorough cleaning process, effective marketing plans, and a passion for educating the public on the many benefits of a clean barbecue, Bar-B-Clean built its local client base and is now franchising the business to take it to a national level!

Why Bar-B-Clean

  • Low Investment When people hear the words œfranchise ownership they tend to think in the range of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. The Bar-B-Clean business model allows qualified owners to get their own business up and running for less than $100,000.
  • A Simple Business Simplicity reigns supreme at Bar-B-Clean. There are not many moving parts to this business. We've spent years developing our cleaning process, proprietary cleaning products, proven market strategies and ongoing support system, so that individuals from all walks of life can quickly find success with this business.
  • Low Overhead  With this home-based barbecue cleaning franchise opportunity, there's no need for commercial office space or office-related expenses. All required equipment will fit in whatever vehicle you are currently using, so there's no need for a company car or truck, and our labor costs are surprisingly low.
  • Large Territories ll Bar-B-Clean franchise territories consist of ~75,000 households with an annual income of greater than $60,000 per year. This gives each individual franchise owner a huge pool of customers to educate about this service and convert into loyal customers.
  • No Competition The great thing about our barbecue cleaning company is there is little to no competition. This business model is very new to the market and in some areas, there will be no competition at all. Go ahead, run a web search for barbecue cleaning companies and see for yourself.
  • Lifestyle Company If you're tired of working a 9-5 Tired of being on somebody else's schedule Tired of being stuck to a desk Tired of working for someone else's dream it's time for a change. Our franchise owners enjoy working outdoors, making their own schedules, meeting new people, and building their own business, on their own terms.

Minimal investment. Low overhead. Scalable. Flexible schedule. High earning potential. 

Support & Training

From initial training to product research and development, marketing, operational guidance or P&L analysis, we are committed to ensuring every franchise owner enjoys a business built on operational excellence.

  • Proprietary CRM We have developed our own proprietary CRM for our franchise owners to increase efficiency and profitability. It allows us to schedule customer jobs, seamlessly send email reminders and appointment confirmations and allows us to track success metrics.
  • Ongoing Support As a Bar-B-Clean franchise owner, you will have the support of the franchisor and the support of knowing you are part of a growing family in business opportunities. Bryan and the Corporate team are dedicated to providing fast answers and solutions to questions and problems.
  • Additional Revenue Streams We've recently introduces a barbecue repair service, and have seen revenues rise across our organization. In fact, several of our franchise owners are now generating more revenue from non-cleaning services. Having multiple revenue streams within our model allows us to continue to grow.
  • Annual Meetings One of the benefits of franchise ownership is the community of fellow franchise owners you are joining. The annual meeting allows all of the owners to meet, share best practices, collectively overcome issues and strategize for future success.

Ideal Candidate

  • Are you a motivated Self-Starter?
  • Do you have the desire to build and grow a business?
  • Do you crave the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss?
  • Are you a natural relationship builder?
  • Do you love being outdoors?
  • Do you possess the willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful?
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