Bloomin’ Blinds

Bloomin’ Blinds franchise owners benefit from being the only franchise to offer repairs as well as blind sales and installation. As the franchise owner you will have a greater chance of retaining clientele and you’ll reap higher profits that a straight blind sales-only company. We’re family owned and we are very proud of that.

Bloomin’ Blinds

Bloomin’ Blinds…Blind Repair and Sales Franchise Opportunity

We help you become quickly profitable and enjoy every day!

Bloomin’ Blinds is the only national company that has embraced the idea that repairing and installing new blinds make sense. Customers love that they have options, we collect customers quicker than other blind companies, and our marketing is a lot less expensive because no one is fighting for the blind repair keywords online.

Don’t worry. It is fairly easy to repair a blind and brings you other new business without a lot of marketing dollars spent!

Bloomin’ Blinds can offer more for the money and our customers continually vote for us with their purchasing decisions! You benefit quickly and there is a fast ramp up to profitability if you follow the Bloomin’ Blinds franchise system!

Bloomin' Blinds Franchise

Bloomin’ Blinds is a home-based business that offers mobile, on-site sales and service.

Bloomin’ Blinds owners are not just a “one trick pony”, depending on a new sale to keep the business afloat. There are several streams of income.

We have added the service element to our revenue stream, allowing us to be able to jump into any market and gain market share quickly.

All Bloomin’ Blinds franchise locations offer sales, installation, and repair; many franchise owners also add additional revenue streams including blind cleaning, window washing, solar screens, exterior/patio screens, etc.

Home-Based Business

Low Initial Investment

Quickly Profitable

Virtually No Inventory

Can Stay Small or Scale Very Big

Perfect for an Owner/Operator Scenario

Bloomin' Blinds Franchise


Bloomin’ Blinds is unique to its competition in the fact that we offer blind repair, and sales.

Bloomin’ Blinds

The focus on blind repair makes it easier for Bloomin’ Blinds to generate new customers, win bids and create repeat appointments.

Blind repair is easy to learn and most blinds are very generic, which makes it simple for you to master this part of the business. Profit margins are extremely high and provide consistent cash flow to your business.

Bloomin’ Blinds sells blinds, shutters and more. It’s about 80% of our revenue. We have found that clients are drawn to a company that can offer sales and service. Most shoppers would prefer an “all in one” company vs. one company for new and another for service.


Intensive, hands on training for two weeks in Dallas, TX with company founders.

Unlimited follow up, support, and training once after the two week training.

Learning the Management System filled with training materials. .

An ever-growing library of support and training videos for your use.


Detailed marketing plan and vendors are already established—nothing for you to figure out.

Localized website built for your area.

Localized and National SEO programs.

We have our demographics dialed in. We know exactly who our customers are, where they are searching, and how they are searching for our industry.

No cold calling or door knocking, we get the phone ringing right away. Average first customer call is within 24 hours of turning on the marketing.


This is where we shine the most! When you need help, you are calling the founders of the company, not some intern or generic call center.

Nearly 24/7 phone, email, chat, video conference support.

Continual marketing creation, product research and education.

Vendor negotiations—We are using our volume for pricing discounts, perks, trips, cash rebates, etc. for you.

Marketing guidance—Make sure you let us help you with your marketing beyond digital… there just too many ways to waste advertising money and we want to help you avoid the pitfalls. We have tried it all and want to make sure you are getting the best ROI from your money spent.

Mentor model—We genuinely want to be part of your business and are looking for franchise owners that embrace having a mentor walk along with them in their business

Business in a box—before we built the franchise, we were a 2.8 million/year blind company. We have done it all, seen it all, hired them all, and scaled a window covering company to significance. A good franchise will have an answer for just about anything you can dream of, because we have walked this path personally, we can guide you with honest, first-hand insight and knowledge.

Bloomin' Blinds FranchiseWe are always excited to add to our family!

What Makes Us worth a Closer Look

THE BASICS: Low investment, home based, no inventory, high profit margins, don’t need a ton of employees, efficient marketing without cold calls, every day is different, short term projects provide lots of immediate gratification.

We are not the only ones who think we are pretty cool: Ranked #160 in the 2022 Entrepreneur 500 list, multiple “fastest growing” awards over the last 4 years, Top 50 in franchisee satisfaction survey, multiple Top 100 and Top 200 franchise lists.

Recession resistant business: Repairs are ULTRA-high margins and in a time of recession, the repairs will keep you going and help maintain profitability. We like repairs when the economy is good, we thank God for repairs when the economy is not so good! Repairs will keep you going when the market stops buying new stuff. While your competition is struggling to find customers , you will be picking up more new customers and cruising along with your “high” profit margins from the repairs. After a recession, there will be fewer competitors and as the money comes back, we take off like a lightening bolt. This business has weathered the recession after 9/11 and the housing bubble. Each time, repairs saved us, our “sales only” friends went out of business and we tripled within a couple years after the recession. Nothing is recession proof but we have a really comforting way to handling the next one when it shows up!

Big territories make for a real chance at significant growth: We average about 350,000 in territory population. We would rather have a couple owners that are making really good money vs. 1000’s of owners that are struggling because they don’t have enough customers.

We are really cool people and we will be there for you!

Does it look like a good fit?

Bloomin’ Blinds
A Day in the Life or a Bloomin' Blinds Franchisee

“I wanted a system that I could jump into and use the tools available to succeed. Everytime I follow the “recipe” for success the plan works just like Bloomin’ Blinds told me it would.”

Bert McGavock

San Antonio, TX

“Anyone looking at this franchise should know that these guys really do care about your success. I love the business and what it can mean to my family but nothing compares to how Bloomin’ Blinds cares about our success and being part of our story”

Greg Whatley

Choctaw, OK

“The technology used at Bloomin’ Blinds is world class and it makes a huge difference in the work we provide.”

Jeff Ward

Charlotte, NC

“After 30+ years in corporate America, Bloomin’ Blinds was such a great breath of fresh air. I am in control of my future and I have an incredible support team around me.”

Mark Campbell

Fresno, CA

Does it look like a good fit?

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