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Cabinet IQ

Cabinet IQ sets itself far apart from the competition with very high revenue numbers and gross profit. Their goal is to dominate the industry in the next 5 years. No Experience Required!

Own a Cabinet IQ Franchise in 2023


  • Why We're SO Good: By only focusing on cabinets and countertops, we don't have to manage multiple projects with an army of specialized workers or worry about their scheduling. Without the complexities of overseeing product deliveries and quality checks, we're not bogged down by complete kitchen remodel issues.
  • Faster & More Efficient: Unlike other brands offering full kitchen remodels that can take several months to finish, Cabinet IQ operates on a 1-3 day turnaround time with a 5-figure average invoice rate. Because of our simple concept, we have many fewer moving parts, which frees the team to focus on selling more jobs for you!
  • 7-Step, Streamlined Process: Cabinet IQ's simple yet effective 7-step process allows our Franchise Owners to be WILDLY successful. Our focus on procedures and efficiencies mean we can install cabinets correctly, faster, meaning our Owners can secure more jobs and revenue.
  • Look At Our Numbers!: Because of our substantial dollar average invoice rate and quick turnaround completion time on jobs, our Franchise Owners are ready to capitalize on healthy, system-wide revenues.

See For Yourself:

  • Average Gross Revenue: $3,191,352
  • Average Gross Profit: $1,279,381
  • Lower Initial Investment: What does it take to begin your entrepreneurial journey? Our initial investment starts at $143,000!

Why Choose Cabinet IQ for your kitchen remodeling franchise?

Cabinet IQ is a high-tech cabinet and countertop company that prides itself on providing a five-star customer experience. We are revolutionizing an outdated industry by simplifying the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process for our clients and delivering final products that are functional, affordable, and beautiful. Now we want to share our successful formula with you. Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling franchise features feasible models tailored to your target market, affordable buy-in investment options, and a thriving franchise network.

Over $450 billion' that's how much Americans spend each year on home improvements. As U.S. homes continue to age, the demand for remodels and updates continues to increase. What's more, the kitchen continues to be the most renovated room in the house. The second most renovated room in the house? Bathrooms. Our mission is to become the most respected kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise in the country by sharing our innovative design and installation methods with our franchisees.

Be Part of the Booming Home Improvement Industry  

Prime Territories   

When you buy a Cabinet IQ bath and kitchen remodeling franchise, you receive an exclusive territory. Better still, we do the market research for you to guarantee you have a minimum of 100,000 households within a 30-to 45-minute drive from your facility. We help you choose the perfect location to maximize your opportunities for success.

Excellent Franchise Support   

As a Cabinet IQ franchisee, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds: You'll be your own boss AND have exceptional training and ongoing support from our expert team. We'll guide you through every step of the process, from creating a feasible business plan to implementing our proprietary customer relationship management program. You'll benefit from one-on-one coaching as you launch your kitchen and bathroom remodeling business and as you continue to develop it.

A Comprehensive Investment package   

Our initial investment costs range from $143,350 to $223,300, including the $45,000 franchise fee and projected expenses through three months of business. Qualified franchise candidates need a credit score of 700 and $225,000 in available funds (plus a suggested nine months of personal reserves).


If you enjoy being the boss and being in charge of the daily operations of a business, go for it.

Be sure you are not the type that would rather be told what to do than call the shots. There is nothing wrong with that type of person, but that type of personality cannot successfully run a franchise.

When you buy a franchise, you become the captain of the ship. That means you are in complete charge and you call the shots. You have to be able to work well independently, and also be able to manage people. Being the boss also means leading by example. Be ready to take on any and all responsibilities. That includes working long hours, doing non-managerial or clerical tasks if required, filling in for an absent employee, etc.

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