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Capital Tacos

Capital Tacos is a nationally-ranked, fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurant franchise. Founded in late 2013, Capital Tacos is known for two things: serving the best Tex-Mex cuisine known to mankind and being an asset to the communities they serve.

CAPITAL Tacos Franchise

Average Sales $1.26M*

Average Gross Profit: $940,401*

Capital Tacos

The brand has built a cult-like following in its home market. In part because of the quirky authenticity of the brand that guests enjoy and want to be a part of. Everything from chalk walls to old-fashioned pinball machines to bottle cap art to the hanging chairs in the bathrooms. And in part, because we simply have chosen the road less taken with our food. Unlike all/nearly all of our competitors we don't take any shortcuts and thus serve food that is head and shoulders above the competition. That sounds boastful but it takes a lot of work to make this true each and every day so prospective franchisees need to understand this commitment and embrace it or they are in the wrong place.

Why Capital Tacos

Who doesn't love tacos?! Besides the fact that our scratch-made tacos are nationally awarded, Capital Tacos boasts one of the lowest turn-key investments in the industry with high AUV and a more than notable history of profitability. This is a ground floor opportunity with amazing culture and vision. Not to mention our menu is flexible and innovative, anything can be a taco! From our best in class technology stack, scalable world class systems and operations, to our strong strategic partnerships and business model, Capital Tacos is ready to support you in every step of opening your business.

Secure Our Limited Prime Real Estate Territories Before It's Too Late!

Capital Tacos only started franchising in 2022.

A brand rarely allows a franchisee to choose from two business models, but Capital Tacos is one. Select from a brick-and-mortar location, a fixed trailer, or a mobile event trailer. However, currently, the mobile event trailer is not yet available.

Interested? Better act now before your market is sold out!

Capital Tacos

Why You Need Our New Limited-Time Franchise Fact Sheet NOW!

  • Find Out How WE DOMINATED our Local Markets: We've been rated Top 3 Taco in America by Foursquare, Top 2 Places to Eat in Tampa by Yelp, named a Top Taco Dish by Delish, and ranked on QSR's 404/40 List, all before deciding to release more Prime Franchise Territories in 2023.
  • Start at the Ground Floor. Get Your Territory: Leaving your day job or investing in a rapidly growing young Franchise brand isn't as scary as you think.
  • Ready to Start an Entrepreneurial Empire, but Your Savings Took an Economical Hit?: Start with our lower investment Fixed Trailer Model! Our current Franchise Owners are selling tacos almost faster than they can make them, and we can't wait to share the AUV with you in our 2023 FDD!   
  • Remember When That Nationwide, Scratch-Made Burrito Joint Used to Be Known For Their Quality & Service?: We do! And that's why we focus on our menu and serving our taco-starved communities. Our newer locations may be a little more updated than the original. Still, our dedication to keeping with Capital Taco standards and creating YOUR soon-to-be favorite tacos HAS NOT and WILL NOT change. The future doesn't include being gobbled up by some PE firm or McDonald's.

The Time to Open a Capital Tacos is NOW! Why? 

Just come to Approval Day and Taste our Product!

Time and again, food service franchises have proven to be recession-resistant. And Capital Tacos is continuously outperforming the competition because of our superior product.

In 2022 alone, our brick-and-mortar stores reeled in $1.2 million in revenues. Plus, food from our southern neighbor is becoming one of the most popular international options.

  • Fast-casual restaurants are quickly outgrowing full-services joints
  • The Mexican restaurant industry is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 6.8%
  • That same industry is expected to reach $75.8 billion by 2025 and you need TO GET IN ON IT NOW

People want good food faster than ever'”we can't think of a better time to invest!

We're There For You Forever & Always

Our Founders, James Marcus and Josh Luger, know what they're doing.

James is a Harvard Business School graduate and founded his own delivery-only food service while still in school. He's amassed decades of experience in the food and beverage industry, finance, and content distribution while helping start-ups grow tremendously.

Josh is a start-up wizard, having helped numerous of them launch and scale new businesses and products, establish industry-leading technology stacks, and execute highly successful corporate development strategies.

The pair first had Capital Tacos in 2016, became OBSESSED with the food, and knew they had to share it with America.

We've put together a training program that is 86 to 103 hours of classroom instruction and 85 to 98 hours of on-the-job training in Tampa, Florida. But wait, there's more:

  • Cover the eight pillars of running the business
  • Help you find the right location
  • Make vendor introductions
  • Corporate team runs all digital ads and campaigns

Our Ideal Franchisee Candidate

Are you boots-on-the-ground or behind the scenes?

A daily on-site Owner-Operator oversees everything from selling catering jobs to prepping food orders. A Semi-Absentee Owner must hire a strong general manager to run the day-to-day operations while reviewing the numbers and scaling the business. The choice is yours.

How's your resume?

Our Owner-Operators need restaurant experience, while Semi-Absentee Owners need to hire a GM with restaurant experience. However, both Owners should have a strong business management background because this is a business that needs to be managed and a product that NEEDS TO BE RESPECTED.

Fancy yourself a foodie?

We don't mean to use the word œfoodie, but if that's what you arethat's perfect! We want people who take pride in the food they cook, serve, and eat!

Are you a people-person? 

At Capital Tacos, we can't stand negativity. You've got to be positive and ALWAYS put the customer experience first.

Give back & have fun

We're committed to giving back to the community in any way possible that goes beyond satisfying their cravings for trays of tacos.

If you have any fun ideas we'd love to hear them!

What Are You Waiting For!

Invest in yourself, work for your own bottom line, and create and serve fresh and fast Tex-Mex fare.

Territories are selling fast and it would not be fun to miss out on one near you!

*Please refer to our disclosure document for terms and details

Capitol Tacos

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