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The brand was set up in 2005 in Taiwan. Today, it is one of the leading companies specializing in the production and sale of brewed tea of different varieties. Chatime is a fun and innovative brand that has millions of followers around the world. There are Chatime franchises in 58 countries, and it continues to rapidly grow and expand its influence further.


Thanks to unique varieties of bubble teas and distinctive products and interior design, Chatime attract more and more tea lovers from all over the world. The brand only uses fresh and ripe ingredients to provide high-quality goods. Chatime distributes boba pearls to all its franchises worldwide to maintain the top level of quality of all its establishments.


Established supply chain. Potential franchisees wouldn’t have to worry about finding the main ingredient elsewhere, the brand acquired the Taiwanese manufacturer of boba that supplies all its partners.

Eco-friendly brand. Chatime strives to contribute to environment preservation by using biodegradable packaging and minimization of plastic use.

Comprehensive training. Chatime offers on-site training, along with management and maintenance education. All franchisees will also learn the procedures and techniques of bubble tea preparation.

Marketing support. The brand provides innovative and trendy marketing strategies to help with boosting sales and franchise recognition in your local market.

Constant innovation. Chatime is not in place, it is always implementing new technologies for brewing tea and creating new kinds of bubble tea to offer the best experience to its customers.

Quality control. Chatime cares about its image and customers, so the brand ensures food and beverage quality along with taking safety measures.

Popular product. Bubble tea is gaining enormous popularity. People love tasty and funny drinks, and Chatime is keeping up with the demand.



Chatime is looking for candidates that are passionate about running the bubble tea business, and those with strong leadership skills that will allow them to create a dedicated team. All candidates must be financially prepared to cover all costs associated with operating a Chatime franchise. Thus, potential partners must select an available development market. Candidates have to be eager to learn new things, and Chatime will guide you through all the processes.

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