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Costa Oil


The 10-Minute Oil Change in a Proven Model. 

Costa Oil

Are you looking to join the essential, lucrative auto care industry? Costa Oil  10 Minute Oil Change may be right for you! Since 2018, Costa Oil  has been successfully changing oil and making customers happy fast. We exceed industry standards by putting every customer first and holding our employees accountable through our innovative commission structure. Costa Oil  is affordable and has proven residual income because our customers love us.

It gets better - Costa Oil  can be run by an absentee owner, making it an excellent investment choice.  We are selling customers back their time, proving double or triple the speed than our competitors. At Costa Oil, we believe in holding true to what works - the original quick lube model works well and focuses on a fast, valuable experience that keeps customers coming back like clockwork! Don't miss your chance for a simple-to-operate business like Costa Oil.

Costa Oil


  • Investment - Our efficient modular unit reduces start-up costs and gets you into the oil change business fast. Engineering a profitable quick lube franchise operation was just as important to Costa Oil  10 Minute Oil Change as developing an efficient stay-in-your-car, drive-thru operation!Using a smaller footprint for the Costa Oil  increases the number of possible sites available for development. Our team has developed shopping center parking lots, service
  • Proven - With over twenty years of experience in the quick lube industry, our steadfast dedication to innovation, strong customer service, pit crew style operating procedures, and the latest technology has set us apart from other companies. Our perfected branding and marketing techniques are proven to work!
  • Independent - Costa Oil  10 Minute Oil Change is one of only a handful of quick lube franchises that is not owned, operated or affiliated with any of the oil companies. With no obligation to purchase goods from anyone, we can negotiate the best value for our franchisees. We will make recommendations without dictating what products you must use.
  • Efficient & Simple - From our POS system to the equipment used to service our customers vehicles, Costa Oil  10 Minute Oil Change Premier Lube and Maintenance centers are relatively simple and easy to operate, with a streamlined operating environment, small footprint and lower staffing requirements that make it simple to concentrate on your customers.
  • Innovative - Our Oil Change Kiosk building designed for quick, easy construction and maintenance will have you up and running in half the time needed for normal construction.


The Costa Oil - 10 Minute Oil Change franchise platform guides our franchisees in all aspects of building and operating their business. From site selection, construction, and your initial training, to your operations and marketing of your business we will guide you in building a strong business model based on our proven system.

Site Selection
With our strategic partnership with Valvoline, we can seek out sites that meet our demographical criteria and work closely with you to find the right site for your business.

We will help you determine your financial needs and direct and assist you in finding the appropriate funding needed for constructing and developing your new site.

We will give you the tools and the resources needed to operate profitable centers.  Comprehensive and intensive training is provided to franchisees covering all aspects of your lube center. Once open, we will continue to support your training and operational needs.

Building a loyal customer base is key to your success, and connecting with your customers in your community is vital. We'll show you proven methods of reaching your future customers in the most economical manner possible.

We have forged a strong relationship with Sage Microsystems in developing our Point of Sale systems. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and versatile in its ability to provide inventory, sales, marketing, and customer data available for your use. And, it makes sales much easier by providing customer histories, manufacturers recommendations, and detailed vehicle specifications.

With established alliances with Service Champ and Valvoline we can secure you competitive negotiated pricing on goods and equipment designed to make your center profitable and competitive.

Costa Oil - 10 Minute Oil Change

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