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Crunchik'n is a fast casual restaurant concept that focuses on Korean fried chicken. Our goal is to bring the wonderful flavors of Korean food through a menu that is affordable and accessible for the American customers. Our menu includes Korean fried chicken, ricebowls, and Korean corndogs. We offer two models - a seasonal model and a year round model. Our restaurants have received rave reviews from customers and critics, and we strongly believe that this success can be replicated by a hard working franchisee. While we are an emerging brand, we have spent many years honing and developing our operations to be able to fully support franchisees through every step of the process.

My name is Jennifer Choi, and I am one of the founders and co-owners of Crunchik’n, a Korean fried chicken concept. We opened our concept with the idea of bringing authentic Korean flavors to an American audience in a way that is approachable. We opened our first restaurant in 2017, and we since expanded to 3 locations. I have spent the last year preparing to franchise our concept. Our food has received rave reviews at every location, and we have developed a system that can be taught.


Crunchik’n Philadelphia with Laura Bray
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