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Deka Lash

Break into the Billion Dollar Beauty Business!

Deka Lash Franchise Opportunity 2023

Deka Lash is the premier lash extension franchise with over 130 locations throughout the U.S. and more on the way in Canada. Women-founded and family-owned, we've made a name for ourselves by focusing on a people-first mentality that emphasizes innovation and the customer experience. Since our founding in 2011, we've grown to become a national franchise opportunity welcoming passionate Franchise Business Owners like you to open a beauty business of your very own.

Why Deka Lash?

Our signature eyelash extension services are the core of our business. Beautiful lashes have always been sought after, but our Lash Artists do more than apply lash extensions - they give clients the confidence boost they deserve. Beyond offering several different lash choices, we've expanded into other popular beauty services like brow shaping, lamination and tinting to provide customers with even more value.

What Sets Deka Lash Apart From the Competition

We've never been ones to settle for the status quo. We're pioneers in the eyelash extension industry, utilizing our own experts and processes to create lightning-fast techniques and proprietary care products our customers love. Deka Lash also incorporates advanced technology into our franchise model to benefit both our Franchise Business Owners and clients.

Behind the Scenes Benefits

Your future franchise is powered by benefits that solidify your place at the top of the lash extension industry. From our innovative tech to our high employee retention rate, Deka Lash offers you competitive differentiators that will help you create a foothold in your market.

  • Hooked on the Look - Once your clients get the confidence boost of new lashes, they'll want more. Memberships account for the majority of our business, which translates to potential recurring revenue.
  • Proprietary Products - We want the best for your guests. That's why our cruelty-free products are specially formulated by our in-house team of scientists.
  • Research & Development - At Deka Lash, technology and beauty go hand in hand. We're continually researching and developing industry-best methods and products to keep your studio on the cutting edge.
  • Advanced Technology - We employ artificial intelligence, digital tools and modern tech to simplify operations and enhance the customer experience.

What is a Day in the Life of a Franchisee?

Deka Lash franchise owners have the option to be a semi-absentee owner if they choose. Our studio model allows our owners to focus on high-level decisions while using corporate provided solutions for many of the day to day tasks. Deka Lash offers full call center support, training, and more.

Everything You Need to Thrive

With more than 130 locations in the U.S. and Canada, we know what it takes to build a flourishing beauty business. From the moment you become a Franchise Business Owner, we provide you with the tools and support you need to launch your business and keep it growing.

Getting Started

  • Attend Deka University, four full days of virtual management training for you
  • Real estate site selection and construction support
  • Help establish your foundational operations like payroll and more
  • On-site Lash Artist training for your initial hires

Ongoing Support

  • Access to a user-friendly dashboard to monitor your Key Performance Indicators
  • Corporate call center receives calls and books appointments
  • Marketing education and optional add-on services like Pay Per Click advertising and digital lead generation advertising
  • Regular calls with corporate and fellow Franchise Business Owners
  • Master Lash Artist training for your ambitious employees

What it Takes to Grow with Us

Passionate and entrepreneurial, our Franchise Business Owners are determined go-getters who are excited to be hands-on in their businesses. Either they or their managing partners have significant business experience and possess a growth mindset. Here's what else defines a Deka Lash Franchise Business Owner.

  • You Have a Passion for Beauty - You see beauty services as a way to boost your clients' self-confidence.
  • You're a Natural Born Leader - People tend to look up to you and you don't mind taking charge.
  • You're a People Person -  You love to build connections and thrive in social environments.

Next Steps

After you submit your information below, you will get a call from us. It's a quick call - usually about five minutes - that gives us a chance to introduce ourselves, learn a little about you and answer a few questions. From there, we'll schedule a time to provide you with in-depth information about our eyelash extension opportunity and to learn about you and see if Deka Lash is a good fit.

Jennifer & Mike Blair, Founder and CEO of Deka Lash talk about the franchise opportunity.

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