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Dryer Vent Wizard

Dryer Vent Wizard is a home-based, owner-operated franchise opportunity that provides the right candidate the ability to start small and scale the business up to their ideal size. Our in-depth training provides our franchisees with the necessary education and skills to work with customers, provide outstanding service, and grow their business investment.

Dryer Vent Wizard Key Franchise Benefits and Features

Family Friendly Hours

Starting a business takes dedication, perseverance, hard work, and often some long hours which can be hard on the owner's home life with family. Dryer Vent Wizard's home-based business opportunity eliminates the need for the owner to be away from their family for long hours on a daily basis, making the transition to business ownership a much more enjoyable experience.

Even while our franchisees are in the field servicing customers, they typically work a 9-5 schedule which means they are home every night for dinner with their family. Of course, it is your business and our shared calendaring system makes it very easy for both our franchisees and Scheduling Center to stay on track.

Business Growth Options
As your owner operated business grows, you have the option to add vans and technicians. Many franchisees have grown their Dryer Vent Wizard franchise into a multi-van business that uses technicians in the field.

If adding vans and technicians/employees isn't of interest, you can keep your Dryer Vent Wizard as an owner-operated business. We have both types of franchisees in our system and we are here to support you either way!


Without the need for a large office, staff or inventory, we strongly encourage all of our franchisees to operate their franchise as a home-based business. This model helps keep ongoing costs low and allows owners to put more money into their own pockets.

Even as franchisees grow their business to the point of needing to hire technicians, they are able to keep the business functioning as a home-based franchise. As the business grows, the structure doesn't change. Technicians are performing all of their work onsite, at the customer's location, which means there is no real need for a physical office location for the business.

Low Investment

With costs continually on the rise, many other franchise opportunities have also increased their investment levels. Our unique, home-based opportunity has been able to keep the investment level below the $100,000 mark since its inception.

The investment level is great for franchisees who do not have a lot of capital to invest, yet want to take control of their futures by owning their own businesses. Our investment requirements state prospective franchisees must have a minimum net worth of $100,000, with $20,000 being liquid and accessible for investment.

Low Overhead
Our franchise opportunity provides a very lean business model that results in low overhead and high margins for our franchisees. As an owner-operated, home-based business, our franchisees avoid the high, ongoing cost of office space, employees, and inventory storage.

As the business grows, it can still be run as a home-based business with low overhead. Thanks to our Scheduling Center, franchisees do not need to continuously add employees to field calls and schedule appointments. This service allows owners to keep costs down, keep margins high, and put money into their own bank account.

Home Office Training & Support

Dryer Vent Wizard understands that our franchisee's success is our success and we prove it with our outstanding training and support programs. We begin working with franchisees immediately after they sign their franchise agreement and continue to provide a high level of ongoing training and support years later.

  • Initial Training Since we created this business category, our training is designed specifically for this industry. The support we offer is based on our business model and comes directly from experts who actually own and operate one of our franchises.
  • Home Office & Franchise System Support With over 11 years of experience in the dryer vent cleaning industry and decades of franchise experience, we have seen many of the issues our franchisees are encountering and often have a quick and easy answer to their questions.
  • Wizard University Our Wizard University program provides information sheets that include easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to do various jobs a franchisee may encounter while at a customer's home or business.
  • Marketing Support Our Advertising Brings the Customers to You. We use proven methods of local advertising, such as direct mail.

Dryer Vent Wizard® Franchise Owner Matthew Sarkela Shares His Experience Starting a Franchise

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