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Own an Innovative, Mobile, Surface Restoration Franchise Business that Caters to the Needs of Virtually All Home and Business Owners: No Previous Experience is Necessary

Eventually, all bathtubs, tile surfaces, countertops, showers, and sinks will go out of style or need to be replaced. Why should consumers or businesses replace when they can resurface? GET A GRIP's excellent resurfacing products answer an ever-increasing need from consumer and business customers looking for lower-cost multi-surface restoration options.

As a Countertop Resurfacing Franchise, our proven business model is reflected by our continued growth. Quite simply, we’re saving homeowners, apartment owners and businesses thousands of dollars in remodeling and repair costs and countless hours of time – all while delivering beautiful and long-lasting results.

You do not need any previous industry experience to join us. We offer a No Royalty Franchise that includes a turnkey, complete business system to help you start your new business quickly.

GetAGrip SprayerSafe, Innovative Products that Fill a Massive Niche

We’re true to our roots as a family owned business, yet we are the most progressive and sought after company in our category. Why? As the resurfacing industry constantly expands and changes, GET A GRIP is continuously searching for, designing, and testing new products and equipment that will increase your productivity and make your job safer.

Potential Clients are Everywhere, from Home Owners to Businesses. You Can Confidently Gain the Following Types of Clients:

• Homeowners

• Hotels, Motels, Resorts

• Commercial Complexes

• Apartments and Condominiums

• Government Projects and Institutions

• Schools, Churches, Hospitals

• Factories

• Airports

Join the Leader and Innovator in a Booming Industry

GET A GRIP is on the cutting edge of developments affecting our field. What makes us so unique? As an Inexpensive Business Opportunity, it is our proven products and techniques that give us the most attention. Our focus on new, innovative, and safe products is evident in the quality delivered to our customers and commitment to property owners. From porcelain and tile to fiberglass and countertops, we can handle any resurfacing job. Common surfaces we work on include all types of countertops surfaces such as laminate and cultured marble vanity sinks, ceramic tile in the bathroom and kitchen, porcelain bathtubs and sinks, fiberglass bathtubs, showers and enclosures as well as major and minor repairs on all types of porcelain and fiberglass surfaces. We can even resurface laminate cabinets.

GetAGrip Color ChoicesThe Secret to our Success – and Yours: Eurostone®

Eurostone® is the name for our unique, multi-color fleck designs that give countertops the look and feel of stone or granite. Eurostone® can be created in endless color combinations on virtually any countertop surface – we’ll teach you exactly how to do it and share with you why customers respond so favorably to this breakthrough product. 

Start Your Own Business with a Competitive Edge

We offer many exclusive products unique to GET A GRIP and your business, including:

• Registered trademarks, serving to protect the integrity of our name, products, equipment and materials that we use to grow a strong franchise business. 

• Bio-Inlay®, our  patented repair system that eliminates weak bottoms in fiberglass bathtubs and showers. 

• Eurostone®, our unique application that gives countertops the look and feel of stone or granite. 

• OTTESEY®, our one-of-a-kind spray system that allows us to create the unique texturing and design that 

   is Eurostone®.

GetAGrip ExteriorJoin Get A Grip, for benefits you wouldn’t have on your own

• No Royalty Fees

• Franchise programs available; pricing based on demographics with an assigned area of responsibility.

• State-of-the-art operations manuals to operate your business.

• Readymade “how to” network and materials to advertise within your market.

• Customized press release and photographs for media coverage in your area.

• 10-day hands-on and on-site training in commercial and residential applications.

• Over 30 years of sales, marketing and product experience to rely on.

• State-of-the-art proven products and techniques exclusive to dealers and franchisees.

• Complete set of tools and equipment to operate your business.

• On-going technical support.

• Accounting support with QuickBooks, MS Word, Excel and Outlook.

• Grip-Gear™ quality clothing line, promotional giveaways and brochures for trade shows, estimating and on 

  the job use.

• Guidance and regular business/marketing insights from professional, friendly people who genuinely care about your business.

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