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Glow Sauna Studios

Glow Sauna Studios is the premier infrared sauna experience offering 3-in-1 infrared technology (Near, Mid, Far). Glow uses patented three waved infrared technology, unleashing a number of benefits in just one 30-45 minute session! Benefits included, but are not limited to, relaxation, detoxification, immune support, weight loss, pain relief, skin health, blood pressure regulation, improved circulation and so much more!

Glow Sauna Studios Franchise

One of the Hottest Franchise Opportunities, Glow Sauna Studios is an award winning and innovative health and wellness franchise poised for explosive growth!
The brand is led by a former strategy & operations professional who's counseled by two of the most successful national and international franchisors in the health and wellness space.

Glow is a distinctively positioned brand offering first mover advantage to entrepreneurs. We are the right brand to minimize risk and accelerate timelines with. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be the boss in your own community!

Why Glow Sauna Studios

Award Winning & Critically Acclaimed

A Glow Sauna Studio Franchise is an exceptional business opportunity offering entrepreneurs access to a turnkey business model with recurring revenue. Health and wellness franchises are booming, resilient and scalable with no license requirements.

  • Recurring Revenue
  • Industry Leading Partnerships
  • Proven Concept
  • Growing $1.1 Trillion Wellness Industry
  • Brand Recognition & Marketing
  • Agile Model
  • Turnkey Operation
  • Lower Startup Costs
  • Comprehensive Support & Training


  • Full spectrum infrared (IR) saunas
  • Medical grade Chromotherapy and Red Light Therapy
  • In-session Halotherapy
  • Premium amenities & entertainment
  • Health¬†benefits¬†supported by science

Our Ideal Franchisee Candidate

We have a different definition of the "ideal," franchisee, however; there are some basic characteristics that nearly every franchisor is looking for during the application process. Below is a list of some of the most sought-after attributes of Glow Sauna Studios.

  • A person(s) who are motivated with a strong drive to achieve success
  • A person(s) who understands customer service comes first, always
  • A person(s) who is both enthusiastic about our service, not merely a desire to make a profit
  • A person(s) who has experience in, or familiarity with the health and wellness industry
  • A person(s) who is a quick learner and motivate to train their team
  • A person(s) with some managerial or leadership experience
  • A person(s) who wants the support of a franchise to launch faster and guide them
  • A person(s) who has access to the capital required to be successful

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