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Quick Summary

Heyday is a fast-growing skincare company on a mission to provide expert skincare that empowers everyone to be their best self. Heyday is reframing the entire facial experience by making it easier, more affordable and more personalized for customers. Learn more now!


HeyDay Skincare - Franchise

Franchise With Heyday

We’re looking for franchising partners—entrepreneurs with a passion for empowering clients and estheticians. With personalization and expertise at the core of what we do, 
we will equip your team with the tools and training needed to perform personalized treatments and guide their clients’ skincare journeys.

Why Heyday?

Franchising can be a win-win situation when you have a brand and operations playbook that can be utilized by a local operator. At Heyday, we’ve created a best-in-class, single service business that has overwhelmingly succeeded in multiple markets.

Our unique attributes include:

Personalized facials

Data collection to enhance our personalized services

Digital investments to add value to our clients’ skincare journey

Curated skincare products at every price point

The Skincare Market

$103BN & Growing Category

Service & Product, Men & Women

Highly Loyal Category

High Purchase Frequency - (4–12X/Year)

Compelling Customer Economics

Deep Emotional Resonance

Our Estheticians

We've built the largest, most diverse team of expert Licensed Estheticians—and in our shops, we constantly cultivate a culture of education and excellence.

More Reasons to Franchise With Heyday

After food, skincare is the number one daily routine in people's lives. 

COVID accelerated the already growing shift 
in skincare over beauty.

Expert guidance and routine personalization stand out among traditional skincare ecommerce.

The Consumer Need

Self-care, accessible, approachable

Specialized services, focused treatments

Expertise and guidance on personalized routines

A brand to provide trusted skincare content

Curated SKUs from independent and clean brands

The Current Market

Beauty, expensive, intimidating

Multi-service spas and salons

One-size-fits-all product-pushing, unpersonalized

Skincare misinformation and noise; beauty

Limited options based upon ”best margin deals” that salon owner receives from brand

Ideal Candidate

Heyday is looking to bring in highly motivated owners who are empathetic, interested in helping people be their best selves and are able to connect easily and quickly with people, and their communities. Multi-unit owners, former senior executives, and those with backgrounds in sales and marketing will find an opportunity with Heyday highly enriching.

If this sounds like you, request information to learn about Franchising with Heyday today!

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