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Hounds Town USA

For more than 15 years, Hounds Town USA has offered a natural environment for dogs to be dogs. With interactive doggie daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, retail, and a pet taxi, our unique town is home to the happiest dogs on Earth. But we have also spend over a decade perfecting our business model, and with a staggering year-over-year average sales increase of over 35%. And so now, we can also claim that Hounds Town is home to the happiest Franchise Owners on earth.

Hounds Town Business Model

We pride ourselves on providing fully interactive doggie daycare in groups that simulate natural packs for dogs. This optimizes their physical and psychological health and provides the natural structure dogs are unlikely to receive in the home environment. Our program also helps with separation anxiety, confidence building, obedience and many other behavioral issues. For this reason, Hounds Town USA is home to the happiest dogs on Earth! Our two and four-legged customers love us so much that since our inception, we have hosted over 600,000 canine visitors.

Why Hounds Town USA

  • Significantly lower investment than other doggie daycare franchises There are some great business models in the pet franchise space, but many of the other highly reputable concepts have an initial investment level around the $500,000 mark. With an initial investment starting at $127,000, we are committed to lower investments and faster ROIs.
  • Outstanding Economics, average store revenue $660,127 With several different revenue streams that have gone through 15 years of testing and development, combined with our industry-leading dog behavior training programs, we have created a business model that is highly profitable, and only getting better.
  • Simple and straightforward operation  We have spent years perfecting Hounds Town University, a program which has fully systematized our business model and allows us to quickly teach it to all new Franchise Owners. With only 2-3 employees needed, we carefully created the business model to ensure that simplicity, alongside profitability, are the priority.
  • Flexible options allowing owners to pursue other passions  As mentioned, we believe that in many ways, time is more valuable than money Hence, we have built a business model that allows our Franchise Owners the opportunity to do more of what they love.

Low Investment High Returns & Doggy Kisses Make the Happiest Franchise Owners on Earth!

The Role of the Franchise Owner:

We offer two different types of Franchise Ownership models; allowing those who love to be in their business every day the opportunity to do so, and also allow:

As an owner-operator, you will usually physically present at the store 6-8 hours per day initially. You will be interacting with customers, using the POS system, and overseeing your staff who will be taking care of all dog needs such as grouping, feeding, and grooming.

As a Semi-Absentee owner you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the business. You will hire and manage staff, schedule employees, manage payroll, oversee marketing and social media, and order supplies and scouting locations to open up your next Hounds Town USA.

Hounds Town USA Franchise Overview

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