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ISI Elite Training

ISI Elite Training Named Top New and Emerging Franchise

Fast-growing boutique fitness franchise is included on prestigious annual list of best-bet investments

ISI Elite Training, one of the nation's fastest-growing boutique fitness concepts built on athletic-based training (ABT) was recognized as one of the Top New and Emerging Franchises in 2022 in the April/May issue of Entrepreneur magazine. The ranking highlights the newest and hottest companies that have begun offering franchise opportunities since 2017. ISI Elite Training ranked 138 of the top companies that have been in franchising for five years or less.

"We are thrilled and proud to be recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top New and Emerging Franchise Brand," says Adam Rice, CEO, ISI Elite Training. "Cities across the nation are embracing our community-focused ABT fitness model as people look to re-engage with in their neighborhoods, take a preventative stand toward their health and wellness, while committing to a team-style workout."

WHAT MAKES ISI Elite Training Different?

Our membership rates are far higher than the rest of the boutique fitness industry. The overwhelming majority of our members are enrolled in our unlimited membership rate.

Unlike the Rest of the Industry, ISI Elite Training Members actually use their Memberships!

"Our members experience the value of their membership because we encourage them to come four times a week or more," says Adam Rice, Founder & CEO. "And that level of consistency is rare in the fitness industry, but we do a lot to drive engagement. From the very beginning, we say we need you in here at least four times a week to get the results you're after. Once we get them to cross that bridge of having to work out to getting to work out, they make coming to us a part of their daily routine."

We know Who Our Members Are

At ISI Elite Training, we take pride in knowing who our members are. We greet them by name when they come into our facilities. We have their birthdays showing in our lobby. Most importantly, we know what their goals are, what their fitness levels are, and because our workouts are led by certified coaches, we can provide personalized coaching in a group setting.


ISI Elite Training provides world class ongoing training and support to help franchise owners thrive

ISI Elite Training may be the new kid on the block in the boutique fitness franchise space, but we're way ahead of the industry in terms of the level of training and ongoing support our franchise owners receive.

We're way ahead because while we're a new franchise, we're not a new brand. Founded in 2013, we spent the last 9+ years proving our business model and building out the support infrastructure that a world class franchise brand needs to have in order to help entrepreneurs excel in business.

Franchisee Support Expectations

  • Franchise Opening Specialists - So you just became a franchise owner!  Now what? You'll never have to ask this question, because immediately upon joining our franchise family, we'll assign a dedicated franchise opening specialist to keep you organized and on track.
  • Real Estate - Site Selection
  • In Person Training - You will come to our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, where you will spend several days learning about the business model, including how to hire the right people, how to grow a membership base, how to retain members, and much, much more. We call this IronU.
  • Marketing - Access to our in-house marketing team
  • Proprietary Pre-Sale Process - We want you to be able to open your doors to recurring monthly revenue on the first day - and to do that, we've developed a proprietary pre-sale process.
  • Franchise Business Coach
  • Technology - ISI Elite Training has a state-of-the-art technology suite that makes it easy for you to run multiple locations.

ISI Elite training sessions are led by energetic and nationally certified coaches. Each workout takes members through a fast-paced Athletic Based Training (ABT) session, burning up to 1,000 calories in 50 minutes. ISI Elite training programs build self-confidence, increase muscular strength and endurance, burn fat, and improve flexibility for all fitness levels.

ISI Elite Training Franchise StoryISI Elite Training Franchise Story

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