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Become a Joshua Tree Experts franchise owner and benefit from in-depth support, pre-emptive equipment solutions and multiple revenue streams that solve multiple customer pain points. Joshua Tree Experts started as a general tree services and plant healthcare company. After nearly a decade of perfecting the business model, Joshua Tree Experts launched new services, including lawn care and pest control, to cater to client demand and offer prospective franchisees multiple revenue streams.

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Joshua Tree Experts - Franchise

Since being founded by CEO Joshua Malik in 2005 as a general tree services and plant health care company in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, the company has grown to surpass $7 million in revenue.

Prospective franchisees will have the opportunity to get into the booming home services market while being early adopters of the growing company.

For high net worth entrepreneurs looking for their next endeavor, Joshua Tree Experts is a great opportunity.

The Three in One Model

A lot of the brand’s accomplishments can be attributed to what is known as the “Joshua Tree Three.” After building out the internal team, infrastructure and customer base for nearly a decade, Joshua Tree Experts began to find new ways to service their loyal clients. The company organically expanded to offer lawn care services to clients as a direct result of customer demand and established lawn care as its own division in 2017. The addition was an immediate success, and in 2020, Joshua Tree Experts decided to expand its services once again with a pest control division.

Tree Care - Trees are a $25 billion industry, and the industry is expected to grow to around $29 billion by 2025.

Lawn Care - In recent years, this home services industry has exploded in popularity as homeowners now spend more time in their living spaces.

Pest Control - Launched in 2020, pest control is additional revenue from monthly and quarterly visits to commercial sites and residential customers.

Because franchisees are able to market one service to clients and then cross sell them on others, there is a unique value to the business.

Why Joshua Tree Experts?

Joshua Tree Experts is expanding through franchising and is offering entrepreneurs a uniquely scalable and rare wealth-building opportunity in the booming outdoor home services segment.

Proven and refined systems/processes for operations, training, sales, and more

Proof of recurring revenue streams through multiple customer services

Excellent gross profit margins across tree pruning and removal, plant health care, and other divisions

An established and healthy network of vendors, resources, franchisees, and discount programs

Excellent client retention rates

Affiliations with professional organizations including ISA, TCIA, LCAP, NALP, NPMA, PAPMA

Key employee retention

Training and Support

The brand differentiates itself for customers and franchisees alike with its unique offerings. With certified arborists and experienced plant health care and pest management professionals on the corporate team, the concept has built out a training and support system that allows franchisees to provide unparalleled knowledge to their customers. Franchisees can quickly diversify their revenue streams after mastering the primary service — tree care.

Additionally, franchisees can expect sales and marketing support. By using brand funds, Joshua Tree Experts develops and pushes leads in the way of its franchisees. Meanwhile, a call center on the backend also takes care of their calls, so franchisees do not need to hire additional employees to do so.

Joshua Tree Experts’ Franchise Growth is Rooted in Values

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