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Junk Junk Baby!

At Junk Junk Baby!, we remove unwanted items from homes and businesses. Every day, every job it's something different. We are professional/professionals in appearance and action, always friendly, and take a great deal of pride in getting the job done, exceeding our clients' expectations. At the end of the day, we are a customer service business, and providing customer satisfaction is the key to our success - our proven systems help Junk Junk Baby! franchise owners to perform better and make their clients happy.

                         Everything we do, we do for the betterment of the community.
Junk Junk Baby!, the emerging full-service residential and commercial hauling company that distinguishes itself through a focus on customer care and support, launched its franchise opportunity just two years ago as it continues to thrive through the past few years’ economic flux.

With a low-cost operational model designed specifically to provide lifestyle flexibility for owners, Junk Junk Baby! is a great investment opportunity for prospective franchise owners from a range of backgrounds and professional experiences. With that said, here are three reasons why now is the time to buy.
Wide Open Territory Availability

Because prospective owners have the opportunity to be some of the first Junk Junk Baby! franchisees, the sky's the limit when it comes to territory availability. And when buying now, owners can start operating just in time for the spring cleaning season.
The company is embarking on an ambitious growth plan, leveraging its newly launched franchise model to allow franchisees to introduce the brand to their home markets. First up, the brand is targeting markets across the Northeast for development so that they can benefit from close and comprehensive support.

“Our strategy is to grow out in concentric circles,” said Eric Myers, founder of Junk Junk Baby! “That ensures that every new franchise owner is never too far from a territory that is already up and running and finding success. We’re starting with markets in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire because they are close to our headquarters in Boston. That means we can provide hands-on support for any situation at any time.”
Myers says that, once its first franchise partners are in business across the Northeast, Junk Junk Baby! will continue to spread out across the country.
“We’ve seen increasing demand for our service everywhere we look, and we know there are passionate and talented entrepreneurs who can execute this model all over the country,” he said. “Right now, we’re focused on building a rock-solid foundation of franchise owners close to home before we move into markets all over the U.S.”
Escape the 9-5

When Eric Myers began hauling junk for friends 12 years ago, his primary goal was to escape the burnout of corporate America by starting his own business. But after Myers’ company carved out a lucrative niche in the junk-hauling segment, he realized there was an opportunity to grow his local business into something bigger. In 2021, Myers launched the Junk Junk Baby! franchise opportunity to help other lifestyle-oriented entrepreneurs around the country find the same success.

“People are really drawn to our clear purpose and the escape we offer from the corporate world,” Myers said. “You read about the Great Resignation and so many people reevaluating their careers, and I think what we are seeing is a major value shift. The pandemic rocked just about every industry, and it made a lot of people realize that they don’t want to be gears in a machine; they want to feel good about what they are doing, and they want to work for themselves. That’s exactly what our franchise offers.”
Junk Junk Baby! allows prospective franchise owners to get up and running and recoup their initial investments quickly due to its low-cost operational model. Myers says the brand calibrated the startup costs to ensure franchisees are able to invest in their own growth. Those low startup costs represent the bulk of a franchisee’s expenses, as the business requires no brick-and-mortar space to rent and maintain and little overhead beyond the cost of a truck and local marketing efforts.
“This is an exceptionally low-cost model, and the benefits of that go beyond cost savings,” Myers said. “It’s a simple, streamlined business that just about anyone can run. You don’t need a bookkeeper or manager or even any specialized skills, you just need to share our passion for taking care of people.” 

Join a Recession Proof Industry
As consumers reorient their lives to navigate the new landscape of remote work, virtual schooling and more time spent at home, home services have seen a huge spike in demand, and the $75 billion waste industry is booming. 

People produce junk regardless of the economic climate, and most are not able to get rid of it themselves, making junk-hauling a recession-proof business. And because junk-hauling is performed on-site, operators in the segment require no brick-and-mortar space and have substantially lower overhead costs compared to other industries.

What really makes the brand stand out in the junk-hauling segment is its emphasis on compassion. Junk Junk Baby! knows that when an item needs to be thrown out, it’s not just trash. This task can be emotionally taxing for those parting with their belongings. The company understands this and ensures a caring approach to the junk removal process.

“People who need junk removed from their homes are going through a transition, which can be an uncomfortable, difficult period. They are often emotional or upset, and we show up ready to mitigate the chaos,” said Myers. “You can see the relief on people’s faces when they realize we are handling one of the more chaotic tasks they have on their plates. So we’ve made that part of our model — we are focused on care and support. We truly help people.”
Junk Junk Baby!
Our personal approach: We answer the phone. No “Your call is important to us” BS. Our memorable, fun brand: Sticky name, with a fun jingle that is easy to remember. We drive box trucks (not dump trucks): We have a commitment to our communities, our environment, and “reusable junk”.  Senior vertical program: With multiple assisted living facility clients, we’ll show you how to maximize this huge market. Your future: We help you build a nest egg while never missing an important milestone. You’ll create a family business that provides security and builds equity for future generations.
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Junk Junk Baby

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