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Lawn Pride

Lawn Pride is a successful outdoor weed and fertilizer franchise concept that is expanding nationally with the power and scale of Neighborly® behind it. Join the team that’s on the cutting edge!

No One Knows Lawn Care Better

With its proven success of 40+ years in business from its grassroots beginning in a pole barn in Indianapolis, to a national expansion today, the Lawn Pride success story is one of hard work, quality offerings and a customer-first approach.

This is a simple, low-cost to entry, home-based business that is now offering franchise opportunities across the U.S. With its basic operation and expert training, Lawn Pride is focused on turning this franchise into a household name, with the goal of being the largest weed and fertilization company in the United States.


For green and lush lawns, the signature Lawn Pride offering is the 7-Application Lawn Care Program. This multi-season solution provides comprehensive lawn treatments that focus on enhancing overall lawn health and quality. It provides an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship over each visit helping build your revenue stream.

All of our services use the most up-to-date techniques and equipment and can be customized for each yard and homeowner goals.



Weed Control

Grub Control

Pest Control

Tree & Shrub Care


Lawn Pride has a centralized call center that sells the service for you! They do all the marketing (SEO/Postcards/PayPerClick) and find your customers for you. They gather the credit card information and put your customer appointments into your CRM system.

You send your technicians out to their routes daily to complete the lawn applications, and once complete, they simply press a button on their ipads to upload the credit card information and the work is complete. It's that simple.

Over the years, Lawn Pride has crafted a consistent customer experience and people-first culture that are delivered to homeowners during every visit. This Lawn Pride Difference sets us apart from the competition — and sets our owners up for success and repeat business.

Recurring Customer Visits

Lawn treatments are performed frequently each season, giving you the chance to capitalize on repeat business.

Simple, Scalable Operations

A repeatable, easy-to-scale operational model with seasonality that allows for work-life balance.

Executive Ownership Model

Our franchisees lead a team of lawn care professionals while building relationships with home and business owners in their communities.

Cross-Sell Potential

Owners can bundle and sell multiple services to the same customer and leverage the Neighborly network for referrals.

Comprehensive Support

As part of the Neighborly community, Lawn Pride owners receive extensive training and support to launch and maintain their business.

Recession Resilient

No matter the external landscape, homeowners depend on lawn treatments that only an expert can provide to keep their lawn healthy.


Neighborly ensures its Lawn Pride franchisees have what they need throughout their franchise ownership journey, from the grand opening and launch to running daily operations. Successful franchise owners are flexible and willing to learn Lawn Pride’s proven operational processes and business metrics.

8-13 week initial training platform upon successful placement (predominantly online). Additionally, one week for in person training in Indianapolis.

We host ongoing live bi-weekly webinar training calls.

We have several in person technical training opportunities throughout the year, and our owners have a total training platform which houses every training that we have ever done, where they could do on demand training at their convenience.


We are a great fit for motivated workers with a heart for service and ability to inspire and lead a team. A coachable, capitalized leader who builds a strong culture with their teams. The primary responsibility is to lead, inspire, motivate and encourage their technicians.

This is an executive level ownership model. To qualify for this franchise you will need liquid capital of $50,000 and a minimum credit score of 700. The "all-in" cost to get this exciting opportunity up and running is $150k.

This is a franchise with unlimited and exciting opportunity to expand across the United States, and this will grow quickly.

Lawn Pride® President Susan McIntosh

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