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Lifetime Green Coatings is an eco-friendly epoxy alternative floor coating for homes and businesses. We are a blue-collar industry with a white-collar business plan. Our application process takes fractions of the time and hassle for our crews. What takes our competitors a full day to complete one garage, our crews can complete five to six garages in a day! Over 1,000 homes and businesses over the past 5 years. Lifetime Green Coatings is a low investment opportunity with a high profit potential


Lifetime Green Coatings - Franchise

Build a Brighter Future With a Lifetime Green Coatings Franchise

Lifetime Green Coatings is disrupting the coating industry, and we are looking for qualified Franchise Partners to join us as we continue to rapidly scale. Help home, agricultural, and business owners invest in their property with an eco-friendly, versatile floor coating! 

Our Purpose

Promoting and implementing green coating applications with high profit margins to create a better quality of life for our stakeholders.

Our Values are G-R-E-E-N

Goals: We know our targets, we achieve them, then reach for new ones.

Reasonable Profit: We execute a sustainable business plan, bringing lasting success and prosperity.

Environmental: We protect our planet and strive to leave the world better than when we came into it.

Extraordinary: We challenge ourselves, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Nurturing: We care for our team and our customers as family, creating a professional environment where people thrive.

Why Own a Lifetime Green Coatings Franchise?

Lifetime Green Coatings represents a rare opportunity to join our rapidly growing company through independently owned franchises. We have served over 1,000 homes and businesses over the past 5 years.

Proven Business Model

Scalable B2C and B2B Service

Patent Protected Formula Made in the USA

Naturally Based, Green Alternative to Epoxy

Easy to Get Started

4 Billion Dollar Industry and Growing

Home Based Opportunity

Low Overhead, Low Initial Investment

Ongoing Training and Support

Multiple Applications Include:

Residential - Garage flooring, walls, decks and pool decks

Commercial and Industrial - Football stadiums and ballparks, bar flooring, bathroom flooring

Agricultural - Huge cannabis market! CO has outlawed heavy VOC coatings. Demand for Lifetime Green Coatings will skyrocket in CO!

Our Epoxy Alternative Floor Coatings Are:

Quick Drying

Pet & Human Safe

Flame Resistant

Lifetime Warranty


R6 Factor


Tough as Nails

Own a Lifetime Green Coatings Franchise

We are looking for “business people” to work on the business not necessarily in the business. Franchisees can be owner operator or semi-passive by hiring a GM. Managing the business includes community networking as well as day to day activities such as manage lead flow, schedule appointments, check crew supplies, stock trucks, review upcoming jobs, order materials, visit on-site projects, and manage customer service requests.


Great communication, networking & sales skills

Ability to Scale

Owner Operator or Semi-Absentee

Customer Service Focused

Does not need construction or architectural background

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