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Majestic Residences

Residential assisted living homes are licensed by their respective state to provide non-medical care to 4 to 16 seniors in a house in a residential neighborhood. An Assisted Living Community, on the other hand, can have over 100 residents located in a commercially zoned property.

Majestic Residences Franchise 

The Future of Residential Assisted Living

Majestic Residences is a franchise system of top residential care homes across the country that are committed to quality care through values and technology  Before a home can be part of Majestic Residences, their executive team is fully vetted and trained using our philosophy of care and brand standards.

Why Is It The Right Time To Franchise Residential Care Home Industry?

Even with COVID-19 upon us, the smaller Residential Assisted Living Homes are in demand. That makes it absolutely the right time to franchise for the following reasons:

  • There is a growing market with built-in demand.
  • The industry is extremely fragmented with mom and pop homes which prove the demand.
  • The industry has unorganized and substandard marketing.
  • The industry hasn't adapted to technology that can be used to improve resident care, general office, and back-end management.
  • Individual homes lack branding power and scalability.
  • Smaller homes have not been widely affected by COVID unlike larger assisted living and nursing homes have been.

For these reasons, Majestic Residences knows we are in the right place at the right time.

We offer:

  • A systemwide approach to marketing and operations to end the mom and pop label.
  • A well-oiled marketing machine with relationships with hundreds of placement agents, as well as insurance companies and other national players in the industry.
  • A suite of technology that the residential care home industry has never seen before.
  • Exclusive activities and programming.
  • A powerful branding platform that grows every time a new franchisee comes aboard.

How Do We Partner Together To Succeed?

Majestic Residences franchisees take advantage of years of professional franchising, branding, marketing, and residential care home operational experience to increase their profitability. Our partnerships help our franchisees meet their personal and business goals. Majestic Residences' strategy includes merging national branding like the national providers with the excellent care of residential homes, and the customer services of a five-star resort.

Why Is The Majestic Residences Franchise A Great Road To Success?

Too many residential care home providers are islands by themselves, trying to compete with other homes around them, as well as larger communities while caring for their residents. Majestic Residences has strategies to make us stand out. Our national partnerships and extensive relationships also assist with creating success with our brand.

Why Is A Franchise Brand Important?

A Brand has the power to change behavior. A Brand isn't just a logo or a name, it involves how consumers view a company and its service. A brand is a living and breathing entity that continues to gain brand equity as long as it delivers on its Mission, Vision, and Values.

What Does The Future Hold?

Majestic Residences was recently named one of five Senior Living Providers to Watch in 2021 by SeniorHousingNews.com. The Founders of Majestic Residences have built companies from scratch to become nationally recognized names in this industry. Our team members are determined, seasoned, and extremely successful assisted living and franchise professionals. We are also well-financed to take this brand to where it needs to go.

Why Residential Assisted Living

Residential Home vs Assisted Living/Memory Care Facilities

The Staff to Resident Ratio

A Majestic Residences home is unparalleled when compared to the traditional large assisted living and memory care facilities. Our caregiver to resident ratio is truly that, caregiver to resident.  We don't count the cook, the landscaper or the executive offices like so many others do.  Having a high caregiver to resident ratio is how we truly offer personalized care 24 hours per day.

Family-Style Residential Assisted Living Homes

Majestic Residences are limited to 6 to 16 Residents per home depending on their location.  They're not the huge apartment-style settings that can be a hindrance to those residents with mobility or memory issues.  Being small also makes for better supervision and safety.

The biggest advantage of being small is that a residential home feels like the home your loved one just left.  Fewer changes mean an easier transition.

House of Peace by Majestic Residences
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