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MaxStrength Fitness

MaxStrength Fitness

MaxStrength Fitness is a 1-1 personal training company that is designed for the active-ager. Our program is efficient, effective, and safe. Clients come in by appointment only and sessions are 20 minutes, twice a week, results driven, and in an enviroment designed to optimize their experience.
We cater to a 45+ affluent demographic that is often underserved and highly loyal. This can be demonstrated by our high retention rate and client base, which ranges from busy CEOs, business owners and retired baby boomers who desire health and vitality but don't have time to waste spinning their wheels in a gym for hours a week. They want results fast, a world-class experience in a high-end, friendly environment and at MaxStrength Fitness, that is exactly what they get.

Key Points:

1. No Industry Specific Knowledge Needed - Intensive Training and Onboarding Process with a science-backed, proven strength training protocol that gets people results in a fraction of the time that they would spend in the gym on their own. Entrepenuers can successfully pivot to their passion and become experts in the field under the guidenence of MSF's dedicated ongoing mentorship and support.

2. Proven Executive Model-  MaxStrength Fitness has been corporately run as an executive model for over 7 years. CEO and owner Jeff Tomazewski does not train clients and has solely worked ON the business, not in it, since 2016. With recurring revenue in client contracts ranging from 6,12, and 18 months- managing finances is predictable and keeps client retention high because they stay long enough to see results- which makes renewals easy.

3. Quick Rate of Return- see profit in as little as 6 months.

4. Loyal and Untapped Demographic - We don’t need a lot of clients, just the right ones; because MSF clients have an average value of $5184 per year. Current studies point to the rising trend of functional training for active agers in the Exercise is Medicine revolution. Proactive vs Reactive strength training is the future of longevity. Our target demographic of affluent, 45+ men and woman who lead busy lives--understand the importance of wellness. They value a premium, professional service and getting results in a fraction of the time they would spend elsewhere.

5. Small Footprint, Minimal Real Estate Restrictions - Class A or B - put your facility in an office complex, retail space, or industrial park. Both corporate studios have thrived in Class B real estate--corporate office parks, highlighting our ability to fill studios without street visibility. A third location is currently in build-out, which will demonstrate a retail location's anticipated overwhelming success in an A site, slated for opening in Summer 2023.

6. Turn-Key Operations – We are set up for simple. Daily tasks are manageable; there is little to no inventory to track; set up the studio, keep it cleaned and the equipment maintained, and all franchisees have to do is train and grow their client base. In addition, 80% of MSF clients have a recurring appointment, so set it and forget it. Franchisees can feel secure knowing they have comprehensive and ongoing support in all business areas.

7. Small Staff Size – Hire based on needs. After the initial onboarding period, MSF pays their trainers per session, so they have a vested interest in the clients returning. And the trainers never have to source their clients. (But we offer bonus incentives for them to do so!) MaxStrength's proven client attraction system provides an ongoing source of new leads that keeps the schedules full. We have never had a trainer leave due to a lack of sessions or had to reduce the team size in 16 years of business. All franchisees will recieve the training and ongoing support to keep their funnels full. 

Franchisees will receive extensive support and training from the best in the industry.
On-site training at MSF Corporate and Zee locations: We are on the ground with our franchisees' grand opening week.
MaxStrength Fitness Academy- digital personal training certification-on-demand available 24/7.
No fitness background is needed for franchisees or trainers. MaxStrength Academy will teach all aspects needed to run a successful personal training studio-the method is easy to learn, easy to teach and implement for all future hires.

Ongoing support is our top priority. Our franchisees can expect:
Mentors for both business and wellness/training Bi-Weekly strategy calls
Annual Conference
Quarterly town hall with all franchisees
Franchisee Slack channel with open communication
Periodic onsite visits from corporate

unctions and Daily Tasks of the Owner-Operator:

  • Lead, train, motivate and manage staff
  • Train clients depending on ownership model
  • Manage sales and retention expectations
  • Generate reports to ensure KPI’s are met
  • Manage all operational aspects of the business including but not limited to: facility maintenance, payroll, scheduling, cleanliness, local marketing efforts
  • Integrate MSF into your community
  • Plan and promote entertaining and productive events through community outreach and business partnerships and philanthropic efforts
  • All tasks of the Executive Model

Functions and Daily Tasks of the Executive Model Operator:

  • Managing Marketing Plans and Spend
  • Hold the team accountable - Watch Scorecard and KPI’s
  • Build community relationships and cross-promotions
  • Financial/Cash management
  • Attend Franchise Summit – Once a year
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