Office Evolution

Office Evolution

Coworking is the Future of Business The days of working in a cramped cubicle are over for many people in today’s mobile work world. That has led to a rise of coworking spaces that allow for environments that are collaborative, inspiring and stimulating. Global real estate firm, JLL, has predicted that by 2030, 30% of all office space in the US will be flexible workspace. 

Office Evolution is an attractive franchise business model Like other “sharing” industries, Office Evolution franchisees simply provide the modern workspace and members buy private offices, conference rooms, shared office spaces, and even virtual memberships, giving them access to a variety of different memberships, whichever they prefer.

Many business models today are built on this collaborative model including transportation and vacation destination sharing. Office Evolution focuses on high revenue private offices which allows for higher income opportunities. Additional revenue can be generated from event hosting to further increase the bottom line of each location.

Office Evolution locations will be typically found in more suburban markets, as opposed to most coworking spaces which are found in large downtown areas. This has allowed us to take advantage of lower rents, less competition, and being located closer to where our members live.

World-Class Training & Ongoing Support Backed by the support of the franchising giant, United Franchise Group, we are dedicated to the success of each Office Evolution franchisee. There are systems in place to provide world-class training, operations, and marketing support. Our professional staff will provide comprehensive training, market launch expertise and ongoing collaboration and assistance, ensuring that your location gets the attention it deserves to get off the ground and grow successfully.

Office Evolution, a virtual office franchise, leverages the trend of providing a more cost-effective and flexible way to rent office space. Enjoy the benefits of ownership: Maintain a Lifestyle - Enjoy a Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 work schedule and save nights, weekends and holidays for friends and family. Enjoy Recurring Revenue Opportunities - Multiple income sources including executive suites, virtual offices and conference room use. You'll Make a Difference - You'll play an active role in helping local businesses grow. Contact us to get started.

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