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Playful Pack

Playful Pack is a modern, premier dog daycare and boarding Franchise, providing playful care to Franchisees customer's furry best friends. Playful Pack PLAYcare Centers provide a clean, fun, friendly and PLAYFUL atmosphere for our customer's dogs.

Playful Pack Dog Daycare & Boarding Franchise

At Playful Pack, our mission is about much more than providing a place for your dogs to be the healthiest and happiest they can be. We're also here to do what we can to provide a better life for those dogs that didn't get all of the opportunities that so many of your dogs were given. That's why we'e working to partner with local dog rescues and charity organizations to do our part to help them give back when and where we can to the dog loving community.

We're proud to be working with HART (Home Animals Rescue Team) , Mutt Love RescueA Forever Home and LOVEPAWS to help foster dogs find new homes. At Playful Pack, fosters get to live at our facility, gain social skills with our furry friends, and be cared for by our amazing staff at our cost. Just by being a client of Playful Pack, you're helping us help others.

We are thrilled to meet and help other foster organizations and charitable organizations, so if you think we can help with donations, spreading awareness or taking on one of your fosters in need, reach out to us! Together we can exponentially grow and help all of the furry friends that desperately need our help.

Playful Pack Services

  • Dog Daycare Our dogs are constantly monitored by our dog adoring staff and separated into two groups, for safety, based on size, temperament and energy levels. This allows all of our friends to enjoy the utmost comfort and engage in healthy, fun socialization.
  • Dog Boarding Playful Pack PLAYcare Centers dog boarding services combine detailed customer service with an attentive care focus on dogs. After a long day of socialization and action, your pet can rest comfortably in a Playful Pack PLAYcare Center facility. Snoozing overnight in their own space or in a cage free environment. An overnight dog boarding attendant is always there to monitor the cage-free boarding dogs, keeping them safe and happy overnight, washing dogs, feeding the dogs breakfast and keeping our facilities clean.
  • Dog Grooming Grooming is not only a way for your dog to look good, but it is an important part of their regular health maintenance (teeth cleaning, nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal glands) plus they will feel good, too!
  • Dog Washing There are wash services available at Playful Pack so that the dog loving staff can help keep every pup smelling pretty! Playful Pack will always use hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners that are safe for a dog's skin. Wash services provide a full wash and dry.

Ideal Franchisee Candidate

The candidate they are looking for is a people person with management skills/tendencies and solid financials.  This is a great model for someone that wants to grow a larger business and develop it over time.

  • Semi-Absentee (Part-time and can keep your job) Franchisee will manage a manager, run the budget, proforma, and oversee the company. Corporate will train the Manager to run the business for the Franchisee.
  • Owner-Operator (Full-time) Franchisee will run the day to day of business. This includes marketing, hiring and managing employees, goal setting, and achieving. CEO role/Manager.

Together we can exponentially grow and help all of the furry friends that desperately need our help.

Playful Pack Dog Daycare & Boarding Grand Opening Promo (Fairfax Station, VA)
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