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Salty Dawg Pet Salon

At Salty Dawg Pet Salon, we are seeking individuals with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit who are eager to make a difference in the pet grooming world. Our Co-founders combined have over fifty years of experience in the franchise industry and we believe now is the time to give our pets the salon like experience that we all seek for ourselves.

Salty Dawg Pet Salon Franchise


John Kanski founded Salty Dawg Pet Salon in 2018, when he noticed that typical grooming shops took his Springer Spaniel behind closed doors and left her in an anxious state during her visit. Kanski, a Paul Mitchell School owner with locations across four states, dreamed of redefining the grooming experience by creating an expedited process to teach licensed hairstylists and barbers to groom animals. Turning his dream into a reality, Kanski teamed up with Winn Claybaugh, founder and co-owner of Paul Mitchell Advanced Education (the franchisor of 100+ cosmetology and/or barbering schools operating under the Paul Mitchell School brand), and Gary Ratner, a lifelong expert in the beauty industry with over 40 years of experience in retail, real estate, store operations, and franchising.

Thanks to their robust experience in the hairstyling industry, the three co-owners offer ties to prestigious talent pools, giving Salty Dawg an array of options when it comes to finding pet stylists. The brand works to develop relationships with potential candidates rising through the beauty industry to ensure that the stylist's and brand's mission align. In addition, Salty Dawg's tailored training program caters to the stylist's individual learning style, allowing them to thrive. This approach, replicating that of the Paul Mitchell School network, has resulted in talented and prepared pet stylists who feel confident in their transition from human to pet clientele. This attractive program not only trains candidates but offers a successful career path.

Salty Dawg's unique approach to attracting and training stylists is certainly a key ingredient to our success, but what truly sets us apart is our culture, Claybaugh adds. We've built a culture of being nice, structured on meeting three basic needs: helping our customers and pet stylists feel safe, feel that they belong, and feel that they have a purpose.

Why a Salty Dawg Pet Salon Franchise?

  • +$100B Pet Care Industry
  • 90M Dogs in the US
  • Workforce Solution Access to 10,000 graduating cosmetologist per year
  • Low Risk and Cost Investment


  • Site Selection Team Support
  • Management Training Program
  • Operations Tools and Training
  • Marketing/Grand Opening Support
  • Workforce Support
  • Corporate Support

Whether you have considered other career paths or just absolutely love dogs. Salty Dawg Pet Salon is the new franchise opportunity to join in an industry that we know best. Join our team as we guide you and your business to reach its max potential.


Pet grooming has nearly doubled over the past decade. Rising pet ownership has driven the demand for pet grooming, boarding, training, and walking to an all-time high.

Key External Drivers

The industry has proven to be somewhat immune to economic downturns. Although consumers decreased spending on the majority of their own goods and services during the recession, fewer consumers cut back on pet service expenses.

Changing consumer attitudes toward pets has driven growth. Pet owners now treat their pets like family members. This humanization of pets has led to increased demand for pet services. According to the U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographic Sourcebook, more than 60% of pet owners think of their pets as family members.

Industry Lifecycle

The pet grooming industry is in the growing phase of its lifecycle. In 2019, 40% of revenue came from pet owners aged 30 to 49. People in this age group also have the highest percentage of pet ownership and one of the highest annual expenditures for their pets ($495.50).*


Thank you for your interest in Salty Dawg Pet Salon! We're excited that you have considered our brand as a business opportunity.

Wondering what we look for in a Salty Dawg franchisee?

While dog-related experience is not required, the ideal candidate should have an entrepreneurial spirit as well as sales, marketing, and/or retail experience.

Salty Dawg Pet Salon

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