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Signworld is a national organization with more than 35 years in the industry and 340 independently owned sign companies which provide commercial custom signage and graphics. It is creative, rewarding, fun and ideal for people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and build their own brand identity. Perfect for the true entrepreneur!


Signworld Business Partners

Signworld is a national organization with more than 340 independently owned sign companies, which provide commercial custom signage and graphics. The business is personable, creative, rewarding, fun and ideal for individuals who have the desire to learn how to manage a sales and light manufacturing business. Ask any Signworld owner and they will tell you that they are not a “sign maker”, they hire sign makers

Here’s what our sign business looks like:

The sign industry is a multi-billion dollar recession resistant industry. Look around, signs are everywhere. They touch every business, so every business is a potential customer!

Signs are custom production, so every day is different and you will see tangible, visible results of your efforts as you drive around town.

Signs can be sassy, smart, bold, subtle, creative or simply informative. 98% of all signs are indoors, not outdoors. The average life of a sign is less than 30 days – retailers change their signs every month.

It is close to home, in a low-overhead business park location, open Monday-Friday 9-5 – no nights, weekends or holidays.

Only one location, with one employee to start and very low inventory creating low start-up overhead and a relatively quick break-even point.

Remember - Signworld is not a franchise, it is a business opportunity. That means there are NO ROYALTIES to pay and NO RULES to follow!

There are no loud noises, odors, or dangerous chemicals.

It is a professional B2B model built on relationships with long-term repeat customers. Twenty to thirty of those customers can equal 80% of your revenue. Customers may be regional and even national in scope.

No cold-calling, not a hard-sell type of business. Proven networking and internet marketing techniques are taught to help each owner generate leads that produce business.

50% or more of your business comes from your website.

It’s a non-cash transaction business, so when you are out seeing customers, you don’t have to worry about who’s holding the money.

The business is scalable based on customer demand.

When you are ready to sell your business, it will sell for more than most business models because of the manufacturing sector you are in, the small core of repeat customers and the profit margins obtainable due to the custom nature of the business.

Signworld affiliates are a cut above traditional sign companies. They come from all backgrounds with a variety of skills sets – Banking, Project Management, Manufacturing, Construction, IT, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Vice Presidents and Executives, Operations, Advertising, Administrative Assistants, Accounting, Truck Driving, Nursing, Stay-at-home Parents and more… Our owners benefit from comprehensive training programs, ongoing support and state-of-the-art equipment that will leave the competition behind.

Remember - Signworld is not a franchise, it is a business opportunity. That means there are NO ROYALTIES to pay and NO RULES to follow!

Signworld’s $260,000 investment includes everything you’ll need to open the doors of your new business

$175,000 Signworld Package:

Sign making equipment and software

Pricing and Point of Sale cloud-based software

Training – 4 weeks of technical, operational, marketing, sales, website/internet presence, pricing, financial, human resources and on-site

Ongoing weekly webinars covering Sales/Marketing, Website/Internet Presence, Pricing, Technical and Suppliers for both you and your employees

Protected territory of up to 3000 businesses

Site selection and lease negotiation

Design, layout and decoration consulting

Ongoing support

Annual Conventions with 3 days of upgrade training

Signworld fee

$35,000 Startup Expenses:



Outdoor Sign

Security Deposit



Insurance Premiums

Utility Hookups

Miscellaneous Tools and Supplies

Travel for Training

$50,000 Working Capital:

This is a cash reserve for emergencies or cash shortfalls in your early months of business. Many Signworld owners never use this money.

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