Spray-Net is one of the leading providers of exterior painting services. It was founded in 2010 in Canada and has been franchised since 2014. The brand’s growth dynamics is off-the-charts. Nowadays, the company has franchised units both in Canada and the USA. Thanks to professionalism and a wide variety of performed services, the brand is recognizable and has a vast customer base.


Spray-Net takes pride in the quality of technology used to provide exterior solutions. By combining innovative software, equipment, and patented chemical substances, the brand offers top-notch renovation services performed by real professionals. The company focuses on surfaces that are not traditionally painted, like brick, vinyl siding and windows, stucco, shingle roofs, and many more. The popularity of the brand is justified as the offered exterior solutions are cost-effective and are aimed at serving each customer’s preference.

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If you’re looking for a unique and ground-breaking business opportunity, Spray-Net is the right choice for you. You can start a home-based franchise today and step into a thriving and profitable Spray-Net family.



Confirmation day structure

If you decide to join the Spray-Net family, the first step would be meeting the team and knowing more about franchise opportunities. They will invite you to a video-conference to get to know each other. Then you’ll have a tour of facilities and hear all about the support, products, and marketing opportunities. You’ll also have time to visit a job site and see firsthand how services are performed.

Initial training

Spray-Net provides an extensive training program that is aimed at ensuring future franchisee’s qualification and success. It includes video and live sessions, virtual orientation training (2 days), virtual basics training (4 days), sales training (1 week), pre-production training, on-site production training in neighboring franchise territory (1 week), on-site production training in franchise territory (1 week).

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Great support team: there are two support specialists assigned to each franchisee

Calls with franchise coach on a weekly and bi-weekly basis

Customer Call Center: an internal call center processes all calls from clients

The Spray-Net team regulates all business processes, including marketing, support, product innovation itself. It does not distribute these responsibilities to third parties.

Innovative software that is aimed at making franchisee’s life easier and organized.

Interaction via social networks

Yearly regional gatherings

Online mastermind conferences

Conventions on the yearly basis

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Spray-Net has an excellent marketing team that constantly works on ensuring that the brand and all franchisees get the promotion solutions and tools. The brand actively uses social platforms, generates various video-content and ads, and helps franchisees with marketing campaigns. It does thorough research in order to determine the best strategies for brand awareness and establishing new partnerships. The marketing team also works effectively on recruitment programs and local networking.


If you set on taking on an owner-operator’s functions, then you’ll manage certain tasks:

Manage and lead the staff

Hire staff

Check how the services are performed

Interact with customers

Implementing marketing plans


If semi-absentee ownership is the right path for you, then your primary responsibility includes finding and training a manager for managing daily tasks. That person will take the main load of responsibilities. You’re required to oversee how everything runs and help if needed. It’s recommended to be proactive in a franchise operation in the first several years in order to make sure that everything works perfectly.


It is necessary to hire three to five people. One team leader and three or four field technicians. After some time, when your franchise has successfully taken off the ground and is ready to expand, you can hire more people to earn more profit.

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Real Estate Description: N/A - Home based business

Home Based: Yes

Target Customer: Above average valued single-detached homes and with above average combined household income

Business Model: B2B, B2C

A day in the life of a Spray-Net Franchisee

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