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In 2015 Squeegee Squad Corporate began expansion into the building restoration specialty services of caulking/waterproofing, glass restoration and elastomeric coating of buildings. General manager of the Squeegee Squad building restoration corporate crew has pioneered this new division and helps support franchise owners get into this large volume, high-profit margin specialty niche.

2020! Squeegee Squad has many franchise locations across the country growing large businesses performing residential, commercial high rise and building restoration services! Squeegee Squad cleans more buildings across the country than any other company in America!

SQUEEGEE SQUAD Window Cleaning Franchise

Are you ready to take control of your future with a great service business in a fragmented market? Squeegee Squad is the industry leader in residential and commercial window cleaning and building restoration services. Join the Squad Nation to unlock the highest revenue potential in the window cleaning franchise segment.

Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise owners specifically cater to homeowners, as well as corporate offices and government facilities. You will serve the largest grossing, most profitable niches in the window cleaning industry.

The Squeegee Squad franchise system is the only franchise business model that can enable you to grow the largest window cleaning business in your market by going after the largest jobs in your market. You will dominate your market! Corporate headquarters staff and founders will partner with you in your market and help you succeed.

There's lots of glass out there and the market is wide open! Find out why many others have joined the Squad. Territories are exclusive. We're looking for qualified partners to help grow the Squeegee Squad brand in all remaining markets.

Technology has really changed and we embrace it.  Our proprietary customer business management software, marketing software, and other platforms help us maintain a competitive edge.  I find myself texting, emailing, talking, and helping our franchise partners every day.  Franchise owners often receive support directly from us, the founders of the company. The appropriate use of technology helps our entire corporate staff provide world-class support Founder  Joe Ruegsegger

The Window Cleaning Industry

The window cleaning industry remains fragmented. Comprising mainly mom & pop shops, there are few dominant players in the industry. If you are an entrepreneur, there is an opportunity for you to grow your own Squeegee Squad window cleaning business and scale up big time!

The industry varies greatly between the three main window cleaning niches. 

  1. The Commercial Storefront Niche (small commercial)
  2. The Residential Niche
  3. The Commercial Corporate, Mid-Rise & High-Rise Niche (large commercial)

The Squeegee Squad system has been built around all three niches with emphasis on the two most profitable being the residential and large commercial. This residential steady income stream combined with big money, large commercial accounts, has proven to be a winning model.

The Squeegee Squad Model:

  • Is a Low-Cost Franchise Investment
  • Offers Frequent Repeat Business
  • Is Recession Resistant
  • Is easily scalable

Our Investment Package

Squeegee Squad is a low-cost franchise investment. You don't need brick & mortar (initially) and you can start this business from your home or storage facility. The refined Squeegee Squad system is a great business that can be started for under $60,000! Do you want to waste your time & money re-inventing the wheel? Would you rather capitalize on the power of franchising and plug into an established system that is years ahead of the competition?

To get your own Squeegee Squad started you will need

  • Vehicle & Ladder Rack
  • Computer & Software
  • Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Advertising & Signage
  • Uniforms & Office Supplies
  • Training & Support

Joining the Squad Nation will Give You Access To:

  • a proven system
  • Proprietary web-based software: Squadwareâ„¢ 3.0
  • Remote access computer support & training
  • Niche market/repeat business model
  • Marketing materials
  • Employee Management (HR program)
  • Sales Program
  • Internet advertising programs & support
  • Training at headquarters & at your location with you
  • We'll show you how to gain clients immediately!
  • Networking with other Squeegee Squad owners
  • Protected territory
  • And more

Squeegee Squad Pole Work - Low Cost Franchise

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