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Stretch Zone

STRETCH ZONE is the first and fastest-growing stretch franchise. A DYNAMIC Health & Wellness Concept.

Stretch Zone Franchise 

Stretch Zone is the first and fastest-growing stretch franchise and the only company that utilizes a patented strapping system on proprietary tables to position, stabilize, and isolate muscles. This gives our certified practitioners an extra set of hands to adjust the stretch reflex gradually and enables our clients to achieve maximum benefits.

With patented equipment and a proprietary stretching methodology, Stretch Zone offers a low-cost strategy in a segment that serves young and old, active and inactive, competitive and elite, with a virtually limitless demographic base. Stretch Zone's shared goals are achieved through great ideas that are discussed, developed, and seamlessly implemented by passionate people.

The Manager-led model allows franchisees to work with our Studio Opening Specialists to help find the small retail space, then design your space and order your equipment package, to set up training and manage the entire opening new studio opening process.

Over 90% of our franchisees are multi unit owners. Our franchisees typically do not work in the studios performing stretches, but develop and open the studios, hire the management team, and get the grand opening accomplished. After the first studio opening, they monitor the studio while they build out each successive studio.

We are continually reaching milestones that undeniably place us as a leader within our segment  both in terms of the franchise investment and consumer appeal, said Tony Zaccario, the president and CEO of Stretch Zone, and an under-30 business visionary who set the brand on its growth trajectory. There is so much energy infused into Stretch Zone. It's rewarding to see all of our efforts coming to fruition. But, take note, there is more to come. We're just getting started  the life changing impact of our brand has so much stickiness to it.

Why Stretch Zone

  • Initial and ongoing training: Stretch Zone offers detailed training programs to help franchisees succeed. As part of the Franchise Agreement, franchisees are guaranteed 16-96 hours of effective classroom training and ongoing support covering the grand opening, field operations, site selection and meetings and conventions.
  • Marketing strategy: the franchisor helps new business owners reach the desired market via email marketing, national media, SEO, ad templates, social media and website development. Franchisees can leverage the brand's popularity to get clients via digital marketing and community outreach.
  • Exclusive territory protection: franchisees get exclusive rights to run their businesses in select locations without competition from similar startups. Stretch Zone assures franchisees it won't have two or more startups competing for clients in the same region.
  • Limitless growth potential: Stretch Zone's business concept is one of its kind in the health and wellness industry. Franchisees invest in a unique concept with high growth potential.
  • Wide demographic base: Stretch Zone is a transformative fitness company for clients of all ages, from the youth to the elderly, active and inactive, men and women. Franchisees get a ready market base to improve their earning potential.
  • A low-cost, modular business concept: practitioner-assisted stretching is a simple concept that fits any market. New business owners can set up their brands in the smallest or largest cities, depending on their preferences.

Sure, several franchises can grow, but for us it comes down to quality over quantity. Our methodology and the practitioners behind it pave the way to change the lives of our clients. That's what keeps us motivated to expand, said Jorden Gold, founder of Stretch Zone and the innovator behind establishing the company as the only nationally recognized certifying training body for its own practitioners. We were in no rush to franchise for the first decade and a half of the company's existence. But, when word spread about the impact of our approach, it was clear the demand was there. Now, we want everyone to experience the benefits Stretch Zone has to offer clients, even as soon as after just one stretch.


Aligning with high-quality franchise owners has been pivotal in the brand's growth, in addition to a strong strategic partnership with Drew Brees, who joined the brand in early 2021 with an agreement to open 20 stores. On top of Brees' nine current locations, his role on the Stretch Zone Board of Directors amplifies the brand's development strategy. This alliance strategically positions Stretch Zone to continue its stature as a leader in the industry.

Founded in 2004 by Jorden Gold, Stretch Zone is a revolutionary addition to the health and wellness industry. Its propriety and patented stretching system enables clients to accomplish Flex-ability for Life. Through the support of Stretch Zone Master Trainers, each practitioner is an expert at the Stretch Zone Method to provide clients with exceptionable service and support. With a bright environment that welcomes clients in, Stretch Zone locations are situated as a community staple for individuals looking to improve their lifestyle.

The brand is a rewarding franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs passionate about health and wellness, who find joy in serving their community.

Stretch Zone helps combat a sedentary lifestyle

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