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Superior Wash

Superior Wash is the premier fleet washing company with over 25 years of experience and the fastest growing franchise in the industry.

Superior Wash Franchise

The Truck Wash People

In 1989, we started in the truck washing industry with a vision to bring superior, environmentally friendly fleet washing services to companies around the globe. As the company grew services were requested throughout the nation, so in 2005, Superior Wash started offering franchises. Superior Wash soon was nationwide.

Currently, Superior Wash has national contracts with Fortune 500 companies such as Fed Ex, Waste Management, and Dean Foods. We are washing millions of vehicles per year and continually expanding. Even though we are a lot larger than when we started, we always maintain our original commitment to superior quality, customer service, and environmental protection.

Why Own a Superior Wash Franchise?

  • Major Brand - We are the LEADER in this industry. We are washing over 100,000 vehicles per week across the USA.
  • High Profits - Since this is a home based business, the overhead for our franchisees is very low compared to retail businesses.
  • Low Competition - 99% of the competition is from the "Moms & Pops". This makes it easier to compete versus the other "crowded" industries.
  • Recession Resistant - Companies need our services in good economic times or bad. We provide the most cost effective way to do this for them.
  • Small Investment - This is a low cost entry business that is very viable. Other systems will cost a lot more when you analyse the total costs.
  • Repeat Business - We provide a maintenance program for our customers, which means predictable weekly revenue for our franchisees.

Why This Industry?
99% of the competition are the "Mom & Pops"

We are in an industry that other companies would love to be in, a very under served industry where companies have to have our services. We provide the most cost effective solution for our customers, and we are one of the few companies who specialize in on-site fleet washing. The rest are pressure and power washing businesses that try to do what we have been specializing in for the last 28 years.


  • On-site sales - We will fly one of our Sales & Operations reps to your territory and support you for 2 weeks to help kick start your business.
  • Inside sales - For 2 months we will telemarket your area in order to help land accounts for you in order to cash flow your operation.
  • Corporate sales - On an ongoing basis we will continue to help land business for our whole system in order to gain more market share.
  • Billing support - We want our Franchisees to spend time on what grows their business. We will do the billing for you, so you have more time to devote towards growing your business.
  • Receivables support - Dealing with companies that lose invoices or slow pay, can be frustrating, but more importantly, it takes you away from your business.
  • Cash flow guarantee - Cash flow is very important to businesses, and especially during the startup stage. Our Franchisees get deposits in their bank accounts weekly.

The Opportunity - Finally A  Recession Resistant Business That Is Affordable
If you are looking for a cleaning franchise that provides a service that companies need in good economic times or bad, then look into our fleet washing business opportunity today.

Does it look like a good fit?

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