The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

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Invest in a first-to-market, national brand with an average franchisee gross sales of $1.7M! This family-built brand has huge momentum, with 300 franchise locations, incredible customer validation, and over 22 years of perfecting the business.

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2024

Minimum Cash Required $100,000

Training & Support Yes

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters - Franchise

There are so many reasons to invest in The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, starting with their insane item 19 numbers: $1.7M avg gross sales and $517k avg adjusted profit! With an established business model of 22 years, first-to-market advantage, and unbelievable customer validation, Brothers Gutter's franchisees can feel confident they are stepping into a business with proven success.

Franchisees will also feel supported by their founding duo, who you'll absolutely love. Ryan and Ken spent eight years perfecting their business prior to franchising the opportunity, which really set up their franchisees for fast growth and tremendous support from day one. They've been running their successful gutter company since 1999, offering 5-Star service in a 1-Star industry.

The brothers have assembled a great team to support their Zees from installation, sales, and marketing to individual coaching. With unforgettable and lovable branding, Brothers Gutters stands out in a booming $6B industry, dominated by Mom & Pop options lacking professionalism. The brothers' brand says exactly what they do, by promoting family, quality, and high value.

Top 5 Selling Points

Proven franchise model: 300 territories in operation, averaging over $1.7M in annual revenue and experienced exponential growth through Covid.

High Profit/Short Turnaround: Most jobs are completed in a half-day with an average 52% gross profit. Average franchisee breaks even after 3rd month. Average gross profit of 50%. Average 30% revenue less disclosed expenses.

Need-Based Business: People need gutters. When they fail, they have to remedy quickly.

Semi-Absentee Model: Model designed for semi-absentee ownership after 3-6 months post-opening.

True Franchise Support: Franchisees work directly with the franchisor to set revenue, sales, and marketing budgets every year. They also are given the tools to track their goals vs. Actuals on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily basis.

Competitive Advantages

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

First to Market: No other true gutter franchises – move to the top.

Call Center: Answers every call, schedules every estimate & installation. 90% lead to estimate conversion rate.

Marketing: Dedicated marketing team focused on converting huge amounts of leads into estimates.

Support: Individual attention to franchisees. Manuals, videos, peer groups, owner groups, conferences, forecasting, and more.

Training: Manuals, videos, learning modules, peer groups, on-site & off-site.

Business Building: Focus on forecasting, building budgets, predicting growth, and executing.

Access to Founders: Both founders are highly involved and committed to franchisee growth.

Killer Brand: The logo, the look, the feel. The name and logo say it all.

Culture: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Strong corporate culture permeates to the franchisees. Strong culture = strong team.

Technology Driven: Continually improving and utilizing technology to improve franchisees, employees, and clients’ experiences.

Investment Requirements

Investment Range: $124,250 - $171,500

Minimum Liquid Capital: $100,000

Net Worth: $200,000

Ideal Franchise Candidate

The Brothers Gutter's ideal candidate is full of passion and grit. They have the hunger and drive to do whatever it takes to get their business off the ground. They have integrity and do the right thing when no one is looking. They are great with people and enjoy following systems. They bring value to others, and light up the room when they walk in.

No gutters or home-services experience is required.

Our Brothers Gutters Team is Everything!

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