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The Exercise Coach

The Exercise Coach is the Nation's Largest Personal Training Franchise System and reaches a unique and high-income target market - clients over 50!. Each studio is small and private, about 800-1500 sq ft., and can be located in an office or retail setting. Clients sign up for one-on-one personal training with trained exercise coaches, using the latest in fitness technology to drive the workouts.

The average age of a client is about 55 – this is a workout designed to meet the need of the 45-70+-year-old, busy professional, middle-aged, and retired demographics who want to get in shape without going to the large, crowded gym.

Average initial investment around $250k, small footprint, low buildout costs (average of $20,000-$30,000), and low rents ($2,500-3,500/month) drive a strong return. The Exercise Coach offers an exercise routine that dramatically improves the fitness of its members in just 2, 20-minute workouts a week. The workouts take place on a scheduled basis in a semi-private setting, where the members work directly with their “exercise coach.” The workout uses specialized equipment found only at The Exercise Coach. All of the workouts revolve around the specialized use of this equipment.  Data of progress for clients is captured after each workout.

KEY TRAITS of the business model:

  • Investment Level: $136,009-$348,564
  • Break-Even: units can reach break-even quickly with a relatively low number of members. Far below membership numbers required by even smaller gym concepts.  Typically in the 60-100 client range which can be achieved within the first 6 months in many cases. Claims made to educate consultants - not to share with candidates but they will hear this during validation.
  • Lifestyle opportunity: Owner-operator or Executive Ownership.  A majority of our franchisees are multi-unit developers.  We also have a decent number of very successful and satisfied owner-operators.
  • Exclusive Technology and Protected Territory Extends to this as well
  • Emerging national partnerships with Health Insurance Companies

Franchisor Training Systems:

  • Initial training – 5 days classroom, 2 – 5 days observation, hands-on and onsite. Covers operations, sales and marketing, human resources, customer service. How to use technology. Pre-build-out training. Includes national personal training certification for all trainers/coaches.
  • Certification Process Online/Remote Training Available
  • On call support by the leadership team.


  • Daily Studio Management and Coaching Clients
  • Staff Management
  • Sales and Retention
  • Consultations and Selling New Members
  • Tracking Business Metrics (Leads, Conversions, Retention etc.)
  • Managing Marketing and Financial Systems


  • Managing Marketing and Financial Systems
  • Weekly Staff Meetings
  • Manage Lead Coach or Manager of Each Location

IDEAL CANDIDATE: No fitness experience required

Owner can either be the on-site operator or choose Executive model. Owner must be comfortable with managing people, strong customer service orientation, and should enjoy impacting the lives of the people that he/she serves. Must be committed to managing the marketing that helps drive awareness and bring in customers.

2 Free Personal Training Sessions

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