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Totally Nutz is a low cost, high value investment. We are looking for both full-time and part-time franchise owners. You can own one location or build an empire and own a mobile only model or a fixed location.  Totally Nutz owners can work where and when they desire, and at any event type, they choose.


Totally Nutz is an exciting new food franchise concept that is taking high-traffic venues by storm. They fresh roast a variety of the most indulgent and delicious nuts that customers are likely to have ever had. With twenty years of recipe development and perfection, their product scores rave reviews wherever they open. For their franchise owners, the opportunity is crazy.

Totally Nutz is a crazy and fun way to fresh-roast and glaze your way to success during every season of the year! Our fresh roasted nuts are glazed with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla and prepared right on location. Totally Nutz can be found at locations across the country, such your local shopping areas, stadiums, festivals, fairs or farmers markets. The possibilities are endless.

Totally Nutz offers three unique business models:

1. The Traveler model is priced at approximately $30,500. This is our ultra-mobile option for venues like fairs, festivals, or farmers markets. The Traveler is portable enough to be transported to most special event sites.

2. The Event model is priced at approximately $32,500. This is our mobile option which is well suited for larger, more semi-permanent locations such as stadiums, arenas and ballparks.

3. The Kiosk model is priced at approximately $69,000. This is our more semi-permanent set-up. Ideal for mall locations, or consecutive event locations, such as sporting events, airports and convention centers.

[$image3,right]From the first time you smell the sweet aroma of the nuts fresh roasting in cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla you are hooked. We seal the deal with a sweet sample that you don't expect it to taste so delicious. With the smell of fresh roasting and glazing in the air and fresh warm samples, our customers can't wait to dig into their freshly prepared snack pack.

The unit economics of Totally Nutz are insane! Our locations in shopping malls drive more revenue in 2 months, over the holidays, than most businesses make in an entire year.

Totally Nutz  œSo Good They'll Drive You Crazy!

Totally Nutz Features & Benefits

1. Fresh roasting: All our nut varieties are all freshly roasted and glazed on location. Depending on your target market, you can use various nut varieties. The most common nut varieties are almonds, pecans and cashews.

2. Quality: We take pride in the quality of the nuts we purchase direct and fresh from the growers. We also take pride in our simple ingredients: cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. This roasting process of our ingredients fills the air with an aroma which draw the customers to your business.

3. Machinery: Our œMandelprofi nut roasting machines are the best and most-reliable on the market worldwide. The machine produces a 5-pound batch in about 8-10 minutes.

4. Simple operation: The nut roasting machine is simple to operate. With the glazing mix already pre-packaged it's not only convenient but cost effective.

5. Advertising: Not many companies can say that they have built-in advertising. With our fresh roasting on site, people will follow their nose to find you.

6. Family-Friendly Model: Totally Nutz is a family-friendly franchise. The franchise allows families to work at a variety of events and venues in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Not only do the adults generate some serious income, they get to teach their children the value of an honest day's work.

7. Vacation Can Be the Norm: Totally Nutz provides their franchise owners with the possibility to earn an entire year's income over a period of just a few months. This allows them more time to enjoy their lives and their families.

8. Lifestyle: Totally Nutz allows for both full- and part-time franchise owners. Some owners even take 3-month vacations, while still enjoying a successful business.

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We love the fact that Totally Nutz is an impulse buy that is influenced by the sweet-smelling aroma of fresh glazed nuts. Greeting patrons with a smile and offering a sample of our delicious nuts is the key to our success.

Totally Nutz is a franchise that is scalable and adaptable to different types of shows, events, arenas, ballparks, and farmers markets.

Totally Nutz FranchiseTotally Nutz Franchise

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