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Two Maids & A Mop

Did you know the demand for our services is at an all time high?  Consider the residential cleaning industry. Once you get past the dirt and grime, you'll see an amazing business opportunity that provides an owner with unique benefits that can't be found in most industries. .

Join Our Award-Winning Franchise Supported by More Than 15 Years of Success!

A Disruptive Franchise Opportunity With An Impressive Bottom Line

There is absolutely zero seasonality in our industry because people need their homes cleaned throughout the year. You'll own your nights because the business closes everyday at 5 PM. And since homeowners don't want to be disrupted on the weekend, you'll have your entire weekend to spend with family or friends.

This is a great industry that has yet to mature and has plenty of demand in front of it since more and more dual-income households are seeking reliable help inside their home.

Two Maids & A Mop

Why the Cleaning Industry?

  • 60-70% of revenue is reoccurring with majority of customer hiring the service once every two weeks.
  • No nights or weekends required. Business hours are 8-5, Monday-Friday.
  • No accounts receivable; all revenues are received at time of service.
  • No capital investment requirements as business grows.

Unique Benefits of Our Business Model

Two Maids & A Mop


We invest 100% of our marketing spend to digital channels such as pay per click, social media and search engine optimization.

Getting in front of a qualified lead that is ready to make a buying decision is our main priority. This approach allows us to generate a much higher ROI than traditional methods which use offline advertising.


Word of mouth is an essential ingredient of success for a cleaning business. We offer proprietary tools that encourage our customers to talk about their experience in both online and offline environments. Our tagline says it best, "Two Maids & A Mop truly is A Maid Service Worth Talking About!"


Employees in our franchise network care more about their job because customer feedback determines the level of compensation they recieve.

After each home cleaning, the customer is asked to provide a simple 1-10 rating based on their level of satisfaction. The happier our customer, the more money our professional house cleaners earn.


Traditionally, consumers hire maid services because their lives are busy and thier time is valuable. Many home owners simply do not have the time for a phone call or in-home estimate. We offer a proprietary website that allows customers to receive a quote immediately and book a cleaning within 60 seconds.


Our experience within the residential cleaning industry dates back to 2003 and we've literally cleaned more than one million homes since our humble beginnings in Florida.

We know how consumers think, we know what employees want, and we also know what management needs in order to run a business. Our custom-built software ties together everyone's needs into a single one-of-a-kind front end and back end product.


Many small businesses in the cleaning industry struggle to source high quality, cost-efficient products. The size of our franchise network, combined with our decades of experience, allows us to source the best products for the lowest price.


Imagine a business opportunity that has been around for more than 30 years and has yet to experience any type of transformational innovation. This is where we are today in the maid service industry.

Our industry is not based on a new fad or gimmick which may disappear tomorrow. There is absolutely zero seasonality in our industry because people need their homes cleaned throughout the year.

The Two Maids Franchise Opportunity
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