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United Water Restoration Group

High margins, quick ramp-up: There is massive potential for success with restoration franchises, and it's not difficult to get on your feet quickly.

United Water Restoration Group Franchise (UWRG)

United Water Restoration Group's Numbers are Extraordinary:

  • Average Gross Sales: $2,298,372
  • Investment Range: $154,776 (Single) - $582,127 (6-pack)

Tap a Steadily Surging Revenue Stream

A full-service property restoration Franchise, United Water Restoration Group (UWRG) specializes in a year-round, essential business-helping property and business owners recover from water, fire, mold, and trauma damage.

When accidents and structural faults like broken pipes, faulty taps, and backed-up restrooms, homeowners and commercial properties need immediate restoration work. They call United Water Restoration Group.

Uniquely positioned in the growing $210+ billion restoration industry, prospective Franchise Owners who value profitability, scalability, support, and the ability to impact their communities positively should contact our development team today!

With countless franchise advantages for revenue and sustained growth, UWRG Franchise Owners easily dominate the restoration market.

Why Franchise with UWRG?

Making an impact in your community while earning a great living is one of many good reasons to invest in a UWRG franchise. Here are six more:

1. Low Investment - High Revenue

With a lower initial investment with minimal overhead, UWRG owners average $2,298,372 in gross annual sales. Take control of your future.

2. A Recession-Resistant Business

Accidents and structural failures don't slow just because the economy does. UWRG's essential services provide Franchise Owners with steady, year-round streams of clientele and revenue in the growing $210+ billion property restoration industry.

3. Rapid Expansion

We've recently begun offering franchises nationwide, and some of our key and best markets are still available' unlike a lot of our competitors.

4. Multiple Revenue Streams

UWRG franchise owners tap several additional revenue sources like storm restoration, decontamination and disinfection, sewage cleanup, mold testing, trauma cleanup, and more.

5. Scalability

Our swift ramp-up time, low investment and overhead, and sizable and protected territories make reaching your restoration franchise expansion goals surprisingly simple.

6. Unrivaled Expert Support

With comprehensive owner and employee training, proven marketing assistance, and ongoing field support, 10 UWRG corporate staff support 25 UWRG Franchise Owners'a ratio almost unheard of in a franchise brand!

An Essential Industry Swelling with Opportunity:

Few people may be aware of the restoration industry's existence, but once a pipe breaks and the basement floods, the need for the specialized services like United Water Restoration Group provides becomes not only immediately evident but also the very definition of essential.

Compared to industries that rely on the economy's health to sustain their profitability, the crucial restoration industry enjoys a recession-resistant business model. After all, natural and manmade disasters never cease in fact, they're becoming even more common and disruptive.

Whether it's hurricanes battering the East Coast, high rainfall in the South East, or freezing weather knocking out the power grid in Texas, it's clear that property owners nationwide will suffer increasingly severe home damages long into the future and that future is bright for UWRG's recovery and restoration Franchise Owners.

Consider these eye-opening facts:

  • 14,000 Americans experience a water damage emergency at home or work every day.
  • 98% of the nation's basements will endure water damage during their lifespans.
  • Between 2015 and 2019, an average of 346,800 American homes suffered a structural fire each year, causing an annual average of $7.3 billion in direct property damage.
  • The average fire restoration cost (for multiple rooms in a single-family home) is $11,900.

This steady uptick in climate- and weather-related disasters isn't the only factor driving UWRG's growth the national housing shortage also plays a powerful role. There was only a 6.7% increase in new housing units from 2010 2020 compared to a 7.4% growth in population. This means more Americans now live in older, more vulnerable structures, leading to rapid growth in home repairs, restorations, and renovations.

Our Ideal Franchise Partner:

No experience is required! We'll teach you everything you need to know to operate a UWRG franchise.

Here's what we value in prospective UWRG owners :

  • Management, sales, or business development skills
  • Leadership and networking acumen
  • Dedication to providing outstanding customer service with empathy and integrity
  • Interest in either owner-operator or semi-absentee franchise models

Territories are going fast, so contact us today if you're ready to bring United Water Restoration Group to your community!

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