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UNITS Moving and Portable Storage

 UNITS Portable Storage

NITS® Moving and Portable storage is one of the largest portable storage companies in the United States, beginning its franchising model in 2006. UNITS® Moving and Portable storage is an industry leading company that provides short and long-term storage and convenient moving capabilities with the most secure storage container in the industry. We focus on our customers needs at the local and national level, providing unmatched moving and storage customer service based on our core company values.  The $41 Billion dollar moving and portable storage industry is growing at a rapid pace, and is one of the most recession and technology resistant industries available.

UNITS® Moving and Portable storage business is simple and easy.  The business allows for a franchise to be run with few employees, semi-absentee or owner operated. The franchise partner can either retain their day job by hiring a manager or they can leave their day job and run the business from their home, office or on-site.

The moving and portable storage business is an industry not to be overlooked for solid investment opportunities. If you are interested in a portable storage franchise then UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage may be the right franchise opportunity for you!

The Ideal Partner

The ideal candidate for UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage is someone who has or has held a corporate job and desires to build a large overall asset through tangible assets/real estate. Our best performers have strong leadership and great people skills. The most successful UNITS franchise partners have a management background with an understanding of sales and marketing. From a more logistical standpoint, we require partners to have a minimum net worth of approximately $1M with $300K in liquidity. We offer preferred vendor programs to easily finance franchise models, as well. Your success within UNITS is predicated upon the following key characteristics:

  • Adequate capitalization and ability to obtain necessary financing for the size of the opportunity in your desired market.
  • Create a culture of long-term Customer Service Excellence and stability within your territory.
  • Be a leader but still work within the UNITS® franchise model framework to develop your partnership with UNITS® Franchise Group.
  • Dedication to the UNITS® core values of commitment to Excellence, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect and Transparency.

What This Means

This stringent criterion creates a unique and hassle-free moving experience through secure, convenient, and affordable portable storage for families and businesses alike. We wish to provide our customers with the most efficient moving and storage experience possible and to maintain the integrity of our business and its components by establishing a new standard of excellence in customer service.

Competitive advantage of the product / service

• We focus on customer needs at the local level, rather than a national call center so we provide unparalleled customer service in our industry.

• Our on-line reservation & quote systems provide real time quotes in seconds.

• Our Web Development Team maximizes lead generation through customized landing pages, driving traffic & sales directly to our franchisees.

• Our proprietary software, “UNITS BIZ HUB”, tracks, manages and converts leads into sales with higher closing ratios & consistent lead management.

• Our container delivery system & ROBO-UNIT utilizes level loading to minimize shifting of contents inside the containers. Due to its flexibility, we’re able to place the containers where our COMPETITION CANNOT! And, our containers are engineered to last a long time – on average 20 years or longer

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