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Unity Rd. Cannabis Dispensaries

Invest in Your Future with Unity Rd.

Unity Rd. is the first national cannabis dispensary franchise in the United States. At Unity Rd., we are champions of the small business owner, clearing a path to opportunity in one of the most intimidating industries to date.   


Though people have turned to cannabis for its beneficial properties for centuries, the legal cannabis industry is still very young clocking in at less than 30 years old. And while some are just now realizing the power of cannabis, we have been hard at work redefining what it takes to be successful in the industry.  


It'no secret that the opportunity in legal cannabis is lucrative and has long attracted large corporations with millions to invest, but we believe small business owners bring even more to the table. That's why we've saved you a seat. Between building strong cultures, hiring local talent and generating crucial, localized revenue, everyday entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of the cannabis industry and we aim to keep it that way.  


Since day one, our team has set out on a mission to keep dispensary ownership local. It's this vision for the industry that has motivated us for years while we developed a franchise model strong enough to grow across the country. Now, entrepreneurs can invest in peace of mind, leaning on our time-tested systems to navigate an industry that changes by the day, freeing up our franchise partners to focus on what matters most their communities.   


With Unity Rd., there are no unknowns it's our job to have your back. Our team's combined 200 years of experience in legal cannabis and franchising allows us to help hardworking, passionate leaders operate their dispensary, all while pumping that money back into the community that generated it in the first place.   

Community-driven and community-run. That is Unity Rd.   

Why You Should Become a Unity Rd. Franchisee

Unity Rd. has direct access to a top-tier supply chain filled with established national brands and stateside heroes including award-winning strains and other premium, high-quality products with modern market appeal.

At Unity Rd., our knowledge was gained from years of hard work and encountering obstacle after obstacle to map out a safe route to success. When you sign on with Unity Rd., you're gaining access to resources and one-on-ones with experts who have already successfully navigated the industry.

  • PROVEN PROCESSES: Every dispensary angle is covered by compliant and profitable dispensary operators with over a decade of experience. When it comes to daily operations, we have you covered with long-term strategy and best management practices.
  • VIGILANT COMPLIANCE STRATEGY: Regulatory procedures tailored to each location down to the state, city and street corner. Compliance officers available for consultation to walk through what needs to happen at every step.
  • PERFORMANCE TRACKING: Benchmarks at every stage of the sales process recorded, formulated and developed into time-saving measures that make every day easier and the complex possible.
  • COMPREHENSIVE FINANCE BLUEPRINT: The seamless cash flow processes our finance team puts in place handles all funds and makes accounting, audit preparation and payroll routine for franchise partners.
  • MARKETING SUPPORT: We have been building brand awareness and credibility since day one so you can hit the ground running. Creatively driven and backed by analytics, our marketing team develops engaging national campaigns to reach consumers with a message they want to hear.
  • TOP-NOTCH TEAM TRAINING: Selection and training procedures customized for the Unity Rd. guest and patient experience allows each location to uphold brand standards and provide the same inclusive, neighborhood feel Unity Rd. is known for and proud of.
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Utilize our connections and best practices to create an authentic presence in the community you operate in, making your existing relationships even stronger.

Our Products

Whether they're picking up their go-to product or looking for something new, guests and patients are confident in the quality of Unity Rd.'s cannabis products, which encourages them to be comfortable and bold in their decisions.

Explore a multi-sensory experience at viewing tables to see and smell flower up close, alongside product cards detailing strains, terpene profiles, potency and more.

Throughout the shop, team members are available to answer questions and guide guests and patients to the products that fulfill their wants and needs with handheld POS systems that provide a personalized and expedited service.

Guests and patients can also select products on their own smartphone to then be fulfilled by a team member for a quick and seamless experience.

Unity Rd. Franchise and You

With Unity Rd., There are No Unknowns Step into Cannabis with an Expert-led Team by Your Side 


Even if you bring extensive business operations experience to the table, the cannabis industry demands so much more. The weight and stress of managing regulatory compliance, licensing, cultivation, taxes, banking and more can spread business owners thin. That's where we come in.


At Unity Rd., our expert-led team is well-versed in all things cannabis and franchising, allowing our partners to spend time on what matters most: their guest and team experience. 


Take it from those who have traveled down this road before. We've encountered every barrier, detour and challenge so you don't have to. We know what it takes to be successful and have created a route to help hard-working, community-driven entrepreneurs get there. 


Our network of franchise partners has quickly become one of our most valuable resources. This growing, national community of local owners are a well-connected, community-driven group that's always willing to lift-up others to support our national mission of inspiring confidence in the benefits of cannabis for all. 


Become Part of a Network of Experienced Operators that Support Each Other: 


The Unity Rd. network starts with our team, which is led by industry experts who have successfully built and operated dispensaries in multiple state markets. Now, our vision for the industry is to build out a network of local owners that empower one another and improve communities throughout the nation. 

Running Your Budding Business: Location and Employees

You've created something special in your community a local workforce, a gathering place, a business that's invested in area programs. We're not looking to erase that hard work. In fact, we're looking to amplify it. With the support of a franchise system, you'll be able to turn your attention to what matters most: the dispensary experience that has guests and team members returning each day.

Partner with Unity Rd.

Unity Rd. is not just a franchise it is an experience, a network of hard-working individuals, a community. When franchise partners join Unity Rd., they are choosing to enter one of the hottest, fastest growing industries the global market has seen, but with minimal risk.

Unity Rd. has gathered some of the brightest individuals from cannabis and franchising to create a comprehensive road map that helps local entrepreneurs open and operate a compliant dispensary bringing the benefits of a $28 billion industry to their neighborhood.

By leaning on Unity Rd.'s impressive training programs, on-going support and time-tested SOPs, franchise partners can confidently operate and grow their cannabis retail shops, all while focusing their attention on what matters most: curating an environment that motivates guests and team members to return time and time again.

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