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Victory Lane Quick Oil Change, Inc. is a unique business opportunity in a strong, recession-proof industry that will grow for years to come. Cars are the second-most expensive and important expense in the majority of American households, and in our convenience-driven society, fast, dependable, affordable service is a must for every driver. Becoming a franchisee in the Victory Lane network puts you in the driver's seat of a growing industry, with a strong corporate support system and the business model you need for a healthy bottom line.

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Here Are 7 Reasons Why!
Most people are not aware that VICTORY LANE is a NEW 38-year old franchise company.

1. That's right! VICTORY LANE is under - NEW OWNERSHIP. In the summer of 2014, Justin and Lauren Cialella, VICTORY LANE's largest multi-unit franchisee with 10 units, bought out the original founders and owners of VICTORY LANE.

2. In the QOC industry, the majority of franchise companies are owned by BIG OIL companies or large corporations. You can guess when they make big decisions, where their allegiance lies. Not many franchisors can say they are owned by a former franchisee.

3. At VICTORY LANE, we look out for our franchise owners, because we are still in the business as franchise owners (technically they are called company-owned stores). VICTORY LANE operates 19 company-owned locations.

4. We are a true quick oil change franchise. We keep things simple for our franchise owners and great for our customers. We are experts in QUICK OIL CHANGES and PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE. We do the basics like; flushes, fills, replacement parts, and leave the costly and time-consuming repairs for others. Our franchisees love the low stress and low headache business model.

5. One of the ways VICTORY LANE is building brand awareness and offering their customers premium products, is having a full array of private-label replenishing fluids called VL PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS. Franchisees benefit immensely from this new supply source for simplicity and savings that improves their profit margins.

6. When it comes to helping our franchisee's with location and space, we offer a lot of options. We explore and analyze multiple building options, modular construction methods, and offer state-of-the-art environmental choices like zip-pit technology. Most of these options save our owners time and money during the start-up phase.

7. For our brand builder owners that want to develop multiple locations or an area development, we offer a very attractive discounted franchise fee program.

Business Model & Programs

Victory Lane Quick Oil Change

    • We're a national franchise with a local focus. We want to give you, as owner, a real voice in your business, and not simply tie you to "corporate" driven programs.
      • Package Options:
      • Our 3-Center package is the most popular option for franchisees, which offers a protected territory area, and provides scale with geographic visibility.
      • Single store options are available in select markets
      • Area developer options are available for large investors on a case-by case basis.
  • Buying Power - our national office negotiates national contracts and pricing with major suppliers to give you maximum buying power, but you still have the option to choose vendors and suppliers who work best with you.
  • Independent - Victory Lane is not affiliated with any major oil companies, providing our owners with flexibility in pricing and service offerings.

 Victory Lane Quick Oil Change

Victory Lane Quick Oil Change

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